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August 2004 - editor.  Pattaya, Thailand construction related projects.  Adding planter boxes as a separation wall.  An example of building a planter box with associated pictures.  Also, using paving stones to create a natural looking stone path and walkway.

Neat add-on projects can spruce up the appearance of a house.  Here are some ideas.

Planter Boxes

Planter boxes can be built from a number of different materials, and of course in any size desired.  The can be designed as a natural 'separation' wall, as in the example shown here.  In this case we separate the patio from the carport and front of the house.  The materials used are red bricks, cement and metal rebar for strength.   

The row of bricks is attached to the wall with strips of rebar for strength.  (24-Jun-04)
Support metal to be fitted in the cement.  (07-Jul-04)
Laying a row of bricks.  (08-Jul-04)
The planter box.  (09-Jul-04)
Side planter box.
View of planter boxes from patio.  (22-Aug-04)

Paving Stone Walkway

Paving stones like these come in various shapes and colors.  In this example we use sand to level the area in front of the patio that was for the entry path.  Then the paving stones were placed on top of the sand to complete the walkway.

Fine sand is leveled.  (31-Jul-04)
The paving stones are set in place.
The resulting paving stone walkway.  (12-Aug-04)
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