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 September 17, 2004 - editor.  Pattaya, Thailand home building construction - pouring a concrete floor.  How to pour a carport, patio or house floor with pictures of various stages of the pouring process.  The use of rebar to strengthen the floor.  Examples of using concrete to do flooring.

The raw material is called cement, once it is mixed with stones it becomes concrete.  The cement section of the basic materials page has information on cement, the purpose of this page is to show a concrete floor pour example.

There are a lot of games played when laying concrete floors by corner cutters.  The main thing to watch for is the thickness of the actual concrete pour and the metal being used.  A friend of mine contracted to have a back patio poured, but couldn't be there to supervise.  Later he needed to get at some piping under the patio, so he had to have plumbers come and cut out a section.  Then he could see the way the original contractor had done the patio.  The pour was a razor thin (about 1 or 2 centimeters) layer of cement on top of sand.  The wire mesh was sitting in the sand, which accomplished nothing.  Since the cost of materials for flooring are relatively inexpensive it is not productive to try to skimp in this area.

Metal is used to add strength to the floor.  The metal that comes in rolls is cheaper but is not very good and should be avoided if possible.



Concrete Pour Examples

To prepare for the pour 2 hun metal is hand tied into a mesh pattern.  (20-Apr-04)
A stick is used to designate the height of the pour.  Here we used a height of 7 centimeters for the pour (allowing 3 centimeter for the tile).
A square mesh pattern is created above the sand sub-flooring.
The pour in progress in the front bedroom.
Pour close up.  (21-Apr-04)
Pour in a room in progress.
A large pour nearly complete.
The still wet surface is 'roughed' with a broom in preparation for tiling.  (20-Apr-04)
Roughed surface.
Hand mixing concrete for a carport pour.  (18-May-04)
The carport pour in this example is 20 centimeters thick.
A smoothing tool is used to correctly level and slope a patio pour.  (03-Jun-04)
Shaping the driveway.  (27-Jun-04)
Outside surfaces that will not be tiled can be done is a semi-smooth, nonslippery, finish.  (04-Jun-04)
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