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 July 15, 2004 - editor.  Pattaya, Thailand house construction, house building - ceiling installation.  Sheetrock or tile ceiling examples with pictures.  How the sheetrock is attached and supported to create a finished ceiling.  Pros and cons of a sheetrock vs. tile ceiling.

The most common material for the inside ceiling is regular hung sheetrock.  The sheetrock does come in a variety of qualities, with a special sheetrock available for high moisture areas such as bathrooms.  The sheetrock is hung on a aluminum frame that is supported by wires secured to the roof truss.  After the rough hanging is complete, the workman adjust the roof to be level prior to taping it.  The taping covers all of the roof joints.  Typically there is one designated framed access point to the attic area (that is, the area above the ceiling material).

There are two basic types of hung ceilings, one being sheetrock and the other made from prefabricated ceiling tiles.  The prefabricated tiles are easier as far as maintenance since they are not permanently affixed and can be adjusted as required.  Each tile is supported in a square frame.  Should a tile break or discolor, it simply is removed and replaced.  The picture at right shows an example of ceiling tiles.

Another great idea is a sheetrock ceiling done with recessed areas, ie. 2 levels.  These look really nice and can be done fairly inexpensively by a company that specializes in ceilings.

Sheetrock Example

The support metal for the sheetrock (the U shaped metal piece).  (27-Apr-04)

The metal frame is supported by attachment to the truss metal.  (05-May-04)
And it attaches to the support metal like this.  (06-May-04)
Metal supports are spaced at about 2/3 meter square.
Checking the frame.  (07-May-04)
Installing sheetrock.  (11-May-04)
Electric conduit will lay on top of the metal support structure.  (18-May-04)
Sheetrock laid in place with cut outs for lighting and fan.  (12-May-04)
Taping the sheetrock seams.  (07-Jun-04)
Mixing up a bucket of taping cement.
A roof after the taping is complete.
This type of down lighting snaps in place and 'grabs' the drywall.  The cheaper varieties are harder to install.  (17-Jun-04)
A finished ceiling example showing down lighting and fan.
Finished ceiling section.  (18-Jun-04)
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