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 August 15, 2004 - editor.  General architecture examples of houses in Thailand.  Low end Thai style to high end luxury expat houses.

I have taken some shots of various houses to give a sample of Thai architecture.... or should we say 'modern day Thai architecture'.  The classic wooden Thai building style is pretty quickly fading out.  Today, almost all Thai houses build are of concrete block design.  As for the expat house - these are again normally of block construction and come in various price ranges  from about 1,000,000 Baht on up to 20,000,000 Baht and more.  Below are some samples of the typical Thai houses and expat houses you might see around nowadays:

A low end cement constructed Thai house.  (06-Jul-04)
Typical two storey Thai construction, with wood on top and the lower floor of cement.
Here is a nice village house which sets on piers.  The upper storey is completed in wood, the lower ground floor may be finished at a later date in cement.  (15-Apr-04)
A more classic Thai architecture from teak wood.  (09-Jul-04)
A lower end expat's house.  (19-Apr-04)
Another lower end example built for a foreign owner.  This house here doesn't have a tile roof.  (12-May-04)
Cool thai house prototype.  A little higher end.  (13-Aug-04)
Mid range house built for a foreign owner.  (03-Apr-04)
Mid range expat house.  (03-Apr-04)
Mid range expat house.  (25-Jun-04)
An upper end large house of an interesting and unique design.  (03-Apr-04)
A nice looking upper range large house on a big plot of land.  (30-Jun-04)
A huge house.  (09-Apr-04)
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