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September 1, 2004 - editor.  Pattaya Thailand home construction, home building.  How roof eves are finished off.  GRC sheeting applied to roof eves.  How wood foundations are prepared to support the grc sheeting sub roofing material.  Suitable materials for the support frame: why coconut wood should not be used.  

GRC (glass reinforced cement) sheeting is applied to a wood foundation to form the underside of the roof overhang (eves).  Below is a sample of how the underside of the eves are prepared for the grc sheeting and how the grc sheeting is then applied.  The example also covers the grc sheeting application to form a ceiling over a carport.

The main thing to watch for with grc sheeting is that the wood foundation is made of the proper wood.  The wood should be 1 1/2" by 3".  Using coconut wood, which is commonly done to squeeze a cent, is not recommended.  It will degrade quickly if it comes in contact with moisture and is not very durable.  The coconut wood which is often used (as shown below) is about 1/2 the size of the standard 1 1/2" by 3" wood.

Make Sure Not to use Wood Like This

Here are a couple of shots of coconut wood framing.  If your buying a house you might want to get a look under some grc sheeting to see if this type of wood was used. 

An example of a house using coconut wood as support for outside grc sheeting.  This wood degrades quickly and will lead to problems in a few years time.  (25-Jul-04)
Close-up of inadequate coconut wood used to support grc sheeting.  (25-Jul-04)

Eves and Carport Ceiling Example

This example shows how grc sheeting is applied to the underside of the eves and as the ceiling over the carport.


Building the wood framework.  (24-Apr-04)
Wood framework.  (02-May-04)
The grc sheeting is applied in sections like this.  A decorative wood strip is applied as a separator on top of the grc sheeting.  (03-May-04)
A partially enclosed section on the back part of the house.
A completed but unpainted section on the back part of the house.  (05-May-04)
Applying a primer coat of paint.  (08-May-04)
The wood framework above the parking area.  (11-May-04)
A close up of the wood structure.
The grc sheeting being laid in over the carport.
Decorative wood trim is applied around the foundation posts.  (12-May-04)
The framed in section over the parking spot.  (21-May-04)
Above the patio.  (12-Jun-04)
A completed and painted section in the rear of the house.  (08-Jul-04)
The completed section over the carport.  (28-Aug-04)
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