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June 14, 2004 - editor.  House construction in and around Pattaya, Thailand.  Good building ideas.  Double cement block construction.

One thing I observed that I thought was a really good building idea is using regular cement blocks adding one extra row for the outside wall.   

The idea is to use the commonly available regular cement blocks but add an insulating factor by leaving a row of air between the blocks.  Most workmen are very familiar with the blocks so the labor cost addition of using this technique would be minimal.  Since the blocks are inexpensive the overall increase in the material budget will also be minimal.  These shots show the double row around the window area.





Another thing on my potential good idea list is using the heavy cement block (as shown on the right compared to a regular cement block) for doing the outside wall.  I'd be interested to know if anyone has done a house with these.  Please let me know via feedback if so.




Let me know if you have done anything out of the ordinary that turned out really nice on your project, or any other building ideas.


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