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September 2004 - editor.  Gutter installation on the cool thai house in Pattaya, Thailand.  An example of gutter installation including attaching brackets to the eves and sloping the gutter system so the water flows down to the downspout.

A specialty metal company came and installed a 6" galvanized gutter system around the house.  The gutters are supported by brackets which are attached to the siding on the eves.  The gutters are sloped so the water runs down to the associated drain spout.

Installing brackets for the 6" gutter sections.  (08-Jul-04)
A completed gutter section.
Interconnected gutters.  (09-Jul-04)
Added the final gutter on top of the patio.  (19-Jul-04)
The rear gutter and down spout.(13-Aug-04)
The front gutter system.  (15-Aug-04)
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