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August 2004 - editor.  Installing a ceiling in the cool thai house prototype project, in Pattaya, Thailand.  A sample ceiling installation showing the various materials and stages of installing a sheetrock ceiling. 

The ceiling is a full 3.2 meters from the floor.  It is nice to have high ceilings, but 3 meters or less is sufficient.  At 3.2 meters, the ceiling fans are little too high to get the air circulating and changing a light bulb can be challenging.  The drywall sheets come in various grades with one grade suitable for damp areas.  In this house, a good grade is used, but not the one for damp areas.

There was a specialty company that came by to tape the ceiling.  In the meantime I did have a chance to observe an specialty company that does nothing but ceilings.  Their prices were quite low and they did really nice work quickly.  For example, on one house I looked at they did a multi-level ceiling which looked very nice.  On future projects I would look to use a specialty company for the ceiling.

This shot shows a sample of the support metal which is used to support the ceiling sheetrock.  It is the 'U' shaped metal piece in the upper portion of the photo.  (27-Apr-04)

The metal frame is supported by attaching wire to the truss metal.  (05-May-04)
And it attaches to the support metal framework like this.  (06-May-04)
Metal supports are spaced at about 2/3 meter square.
Checking the frame.  (07-May-04)
Installing sheetrock.  (11-May-04)
Electric conduit will lay on top of the metal support structure.  (18-May-04)
Sheetrock laid in place with cut outs for lighting and fans.  (12-May-04)
Taping the sheetrock seams.  (07-Jun-04)
Mixing up a bucket of taping cement.
Roof after taping complete.
This type of down lighting snaps in place and is easier to install than less expensive types.  (17-Jun-04)
Finished ceiling showing down lighting and fan.
Finished ceiling section.  (18-Jun-04)
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