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September, 2004 - editor.  A example of installing grc sheeting under the roofing eves during the cool thai house project in Pattaya, Thailand.  Shows the various kinds of materials to use for creating a framework to be used to support the grc sheeting.

GRC (glass reinforced cement) sheeting is applied to a wood foundation to form the underside of the roof overhang (eves).  The wood is 1 1/2" by 3".  This section covers the grc sheeting throughout the outside of the house, including the carport ceiling.

Building the wood framework.  (24-Apr-04)
Wood framework.  (02-May-04)
The grc sheeting is applied in sections like this.  Separating the grc sheeting is a decorative wood strip.  (03-May-04)
A partially enclosed section on the back part of the house.
A completed but unpainted section on the back part of the house.  (05-May-04)
Applying a primer coat.  (08-May-04)
The wood framework above the parking area.  (11-May-04)
A close up of the wood structure.
The grc sheeting being laid in over the carport.
Decorative wood trim is applied around the foundation posts.  (12-May-04)
The partially completed section over the parking spot.  (21-May-04)
Above the patio.  (12-Jun-04)
A completed and painted section in the rear of the house.  (08-Jul-04)
The completed section over the carport.  (28-Aug-04)
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