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August 2004 - editor.  The pouring of concrete to make the floor for the cool thai house, in Pattaya, Thailand.  Step by step photos showing concrete pours for the main house, patio, car port and walk ways.

The flooring in the cool thai house was done so dropping a bowling ball on it wouldn't do much damage!  After seeing the job done on a patio with razor thin layer of concrete and the rebar metal sitting below in sand, I paid particular attention to the progress here.

To prepare for the pour metal rebar (gauge 2 hun) is hand tied into a mesh pattern.  (20-Apr-04)
A stick is used to designate the height of the pour.  Here we used a height of 7 centimeters for the pour (allowing 3 centimeter for the tile).
A tile mesh pattern is created above the sand flooring.
Pour in progress in the front bedroom.
Pour close up.  (21-Apr-04)
Pour in the great room in progress.
Great room nearly complete.
The still wet surface is 'roughed' in preparation for tiling.  (20-Apr-04)
Roughed surface.
Hand mixing concrete for the carport pour.  (18-May-04)
The carport pour is 20 centimeters thick.
A smoothing tool is used to correctly level and slope the patio.  (03-Jun-04)
Shaping the driveway.  (27-Jun-04)
For outside surfaces that will not be tiled, they can be done is a semi-smooth, non slippery, finish.  (04-Jun-04)
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