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September, 2004 - editor.  Several views of the finished 'cool thai house' prototype project.  This house was built in Pattaya, Thailand and is an example of a quality house that didn't break the bank to build.  Also, a media player movie of the finished house for downloading in three sizes.

The house was officially finished on the 2nd of June 2004, although there was still about 2 or 3 weeks worth of miscellaneous work to be done.  What follows are a few shots of the completed house along with a short movie.

This is one sheet of the original plan which is a pretty good representation of the layout of the house.  The overall shape of the house is a rectangle of 9 * 18 meters.  It features 2 nice size bedrooms of 5 * 3.5 meters each.  There have been some modifications: The patio is larger than shown, being 3.5 * 4 meters.  Also the back bedroom was modified to be 3.5 * 5 meters, which enlarged the kitchen to 3 * 3 meters. 



The great room towards the entry door.  (06-Jul-04)

A view of the entry room looking towards the kitchen.
The front bedroom.
The back bedroom.
The kitchen sink.
Kitchen cabinets.
Small bathroom shower enclosure and toilet.
Small bathroom sink.
Large bathroom.
Large bathroom sink.
House, left view.  (13-Aug-04)
House from the right.
The back of the house.
Entry way to patio.  (22-Aug-04)
View from patio.  Note the flower boxes have been completed along with putting paving stones on the pathway.
Here is a movie of the house which I made on 06-Jul-04.  You will need Windows Media Player to view it.  If you don't have Windows Media Player, you can get it by clicking the icon below.  There are three sizes of the movie, .4MB, .5MB and 1.6MB.

  small (.4 MB)

medium (.5 MB)

large (1.6MB)

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