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September, 2004 - editor.  The entry gate and security fencing metal as installed in the cool thai house project, in Pattaya, Thailand.  Information on various aspects of getting a sliding driveway entry gate built and installed.

Normally the gate and metal fencing would be something you would contract out to a metal company, of which there must be 100's in Pattaya.  I did get a bid for doing the metal work, but in the end decided to use the daily labor which was helping to finish off the house, as they had metal working experience.  I did end up needing to purchase some metal working tools, but the savings in going this way more than offset the tool investment.  The metal fencing is welded on top of small squares of metal which are secured to the wall by a special kind of bolt that is driven into the concrete wall.

This is the neighbor's gate and metal fencing, whose design we generally copied.  (19-Apr-04)
The gate track is laid in position.  (15-Jul-04)
In the gate is composed of 1 1/2 " square metal frame and vertical 1" square metal bars.  The inside circular decorations were bought pre-finished, we use a butterfly and flower design.
Metal being cut at the same time it is welded by another worker.
Fitting the gate in place.  The metals are painted with a primer first and then painted with a quality oak shade of paint.  (23-Jul-04)
Fitting a wall piece in place.  (26-Jul-04)
Roller mechanism for the gate.  There is one metal roller on the outside and one on the inside of the upside down 'U' piece of metal.  (29-Jul-04)
The leaf and design details are finished off in an expensive gold paint (from Italy).  There are two coats, a specialty yellow primer and then the gold leaf.  (31-Jul-04)
The gate and metal fencing in place.  (13-Aug-04)
Metal fencing section.  (15-Aug-04)
Gate section.
Metal entry door.  (22-Aug-04)
The gate wheels are very important.  There are two sets of heavy duty 3" stainless steel wheels.  (27-Aug-04)
The top of the fence and gate is finished with security arrows.
Detail section of the metal fencing.
The gate anchor.
Another view of the gate anchor.
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