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pic of tropical paradiseThis site provides information on building a house in Pattaya, Thailand and Thailand in general. How to go about getting a nice luxury house built for under $25,000 (1,000,000 Baht)? If you think a sales pitch is brewing…. don’t worry, nothing for sale, no advertising. The only thing requested is feedback after you review the site.

Think of it: living in style in a tropical paradise! Thailand is a wonderful place, until you try to get something done!

OK, maybe it is still a wonderful place, but things can get frustrating at times. Anyway, from the stories with my friends to my own personal experience the saying that fits is ‘If I only knew then what I know now!’. Continue reading…

This page is becoming the new CTH home page. The old one hadn’t been updated since the site started back in 2004 (or 2447 depending on your perspective). Hopefully this rendition will be easier to follow and slightly less cluttered. The page may not work correctly until it is fully set up. For now the url to the page is, eventually it will be moved to (replacing the old home page). All of the old stuff connected to the old home page has been saved and will still be accessible.

There are new sections on the homepage to see the latest gallery updates and also some random images from the gallery. There is a section showing latest forum posts (as before). There is a section showing featured categories of information. These featured categories will show new information on dozer projects, etc., but you can also access the information from the blog page. Continue reading…

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Latest Gallery Images

image 20160318_170702.jpg

by irishbuilder on 2016-03-18

image 20160318_170657.jpg

by irishbuilder on 2016-03-18

image 20160318_170653.jpg

by irishbuilder on 2016-03-18

image 20160318_140759.jpg

by irishbuilder on 2016-03-18

image image3.jpg

by korat_bobby on 2016-02-11

image 47_shop1_783969111.jpg

by mymeubel on 2016-01-22 Wine Rack Cabin... Specifications Wine Rack With Drawer Pr...

image 145_shop1_7723561.jpg

by mymeubel on 2016-01-22 Louis Small Din... Specifications Louis Small Dinning Table...

image 92_shop1_2108921.jpg

by mymeubel on 2016-01-22 Louis Small Din... Specifications Louis Small Dinning Table...

image 178_shop1_3036871.jpg

by mymeubel on 2016-01-22 Louis Small Din... Specifications Louis Small Dinning Table...

image 66255_498919163744_7234992_n-1.jpg

by itchy on 2015-12-06

image 73543_499941973744_6196270_n.jpg

by itchy on 2015-12-06

image 71803_499939518744_967621_n.jpg

by itchy on 2015-12-06

image 69871_498925968744_6164056_n.jpg

by itchy on 2015-12-06

image contemporary-exterior.jpg

by bindog on 2015-09-16

image resized4.jpg

by petermik on 2015-04-06 as it is today

image resized3.jpg

by petermik on 2015-04-06 posts and beams in place

image resized2.jpg

by petermik on 2015-04-06 slab just been laid

image resized.jpg

by petermik on 2015-04-06 Footings being concreted

image IMG_5408.JPG

by shastadad on 2015-01-10

image IMG_5406.JPG

by shastadad on 2015-01-10 render finished...

Random Gallery Images

image DSC00803.JPG

by glenn on 2007-06-03 Master Bedroom

image P3191885.JPG

by pklongball on 2009-03-20 19 March 2009 One of the lady brickies working on the ...

image IMG_2913.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-27 Scrubbing the T... The tiles are scrubbed with an acid mix ...

image DSC02118.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-27 From the back of the house. (13-May-04)

image 20160219_093307.jpg

by irishbuilder on 2016-03-18

image DSC05014.JPG

by dozer on 2011-09-27 Small bathroom shower enclosure and toil...

image IMG_3461.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-05-12

image IMG_5397.JPG

by shastadad on 2015-01-10 final bricking

image 141-IMG_5138.jpg

by shastadad on 2014-12-28

image DSC01031.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-27 Center section roof truss section. Notic...

image DSC02019_-_After_Concrete_in_Footer_Hole_-_112207.JPG

by rick b on 2008-02-06 Footer hole with single pile now ready f...

image Dec202010_17.jpg

by fgrossiii on 2012-08-03 Dec 20 2010 17 Wielding work for Roof beams.

image Window_frame.JPG

by jazzman on 2009-02-11 Window frames Wooden (Mai Deng) window frames for louv...

image P6082375.jpg

by pklongball on 2009-06-12 June 8 This guy stood on this ladder like this ...

image p11.jpg

by changnoi on 2010-10-17 Stairs at last ...

image IMG_5330.JPG

by shastadad on 2015-01-10 completed colum...

image 079.JPG

by thomas.fontaine on 2009-04-21 Baluster are be...

image DSC02195.JPG

by changnoi on 2010-03-16 Master Bedroom ...

image 20160308_165835.jpg

by irishbuilder on 2016-03-18

image 73075_461373702898_566532898_5432502_6194788_n.jpg

by dbp on 2010-12-16 Land Prathum ne...