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pic of tropical paradiseThis site provides information on building a house in Pattaya, Thailand and Thailand in general. How to go about getting a nice luxury house built for under $25,000 (1,000,000 Baht)? If you think a sales pitch is brewing…. don’t worry, nothing for sale, no advertising. The only thing requested is feedback after you review the site.

Think of it: living in style in a tropical paradise! Thailand is a wonderful place, until you try to get something done!

OK, maybe it is still a wonderful place, but things can get frustrating at times. Anyway, from the stories with my friends to my own personal experience the saying that fits is ‘If I only knew then what I know now!’. Continue reading…

This page is becoming the new CTH home page. The old one hadn’t been updated since the site started back in 2004 (or 2447 depending on your perspective). Hopefully this rendition will be easier to follow and slightly less cluttered. The page may not work correctly until it is fully set up. For now the url to the page is, eventually it will be moved to (replacing the old home page). All of the old stuff connected to the old home page has been saved and will still be accessible.

There are new sections on the homepage to see the latest gallery updates and also some random images from the gallery. There is a section showing latest forum posts (as before). There is a section showing featured categories of information. These featured categories will show new information on dozer projects, etc., but you can also access the information from the blog page. Continue reading…

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Random Gallery Images

image P1031587.JPG

by pklongball on 2009-01-03 Mixing equipmen... 2 Jan. 09' The build crew brought in...

image external_render_and_glass_blocks_to_master_ensuite.jpg

by changnoi on 2010-02-15 External render...

image IMG_5657.JPG

by max&bee-in-cm on 2010-07-10 Form molds for ... Most have been completed and are waiting...

image IMG_3422.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-05-08 master deck

image p_in_3d_rev6_13_resize.jpg

by fredlk on 2011-03-27

image DSC01049.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-27 Stucco being applied to the rear of the ...

image IMG_9622.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-27 Level Line A long clear plastic tubing is used to c...

image IMG_3127.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-04-24 compressor unit...

image HOUSE2thailand20080154.jpg

by bngldsmth on 2009-02-12 Front View Front view of the house when we had to r...

image 20160224_170038.jpg

by irishbuilder on 2016-03-18

image IMG_0686.JPG

by trehanse on 2007-04-22

image P4152002.jpg

by pklongball on 2009-04-15 15 April The back veranda and the plaster work th...

image DSC01300_resize.JPG

by thaifly on 2008-01-19 timber flooring

image P3161860.JPG

by pklongball on 2009-03-18 Overview 16 Mar... Another view and perspective

image ceiling__fans.JPG

by jazzman on 2009-03-13 Ceiling fans Cheap, 48", only 590 baht in Glo...

image IMG_4320.JPG

by max&bee-in-cm on 2010-06-24 Rebuilding work... The worker's house had to be removed...

image IMG_2909.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-02-25

image IMG_2828.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-02-17 2 bedroom, 3 ba...

image DSC_0938.jpg

by rucus7 on 2010-08-08 Weather head and meter box

image 20060911038.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-28 Interior wall with electric sunken elect...