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pic of tropical paradiseThis site provides information on building a house in Pattaya, Thailand and Thailand in general. How to go about getting a nice luxury house built for under $25,000 (1,000,000 Baht)? If you think a sales pitch is brewing…. don’t worry, nothing for sale, no advertising. The only thing requested is feedback after you review the site.

Think of it: living in style in a tropical paradise! Thailand is a wonderful place, until you try to get something done!

OK, maybe it is still a wonderful place, but things can get frustrating at times. Anyway, from the stories with my friends to my own personal experience the saying that fits is ‘If I only knew then what I know now!’. Continue reading…

This page is becoming the new CTH home page. The old one hadn’t been updated since the site started back in 2004 (or 2447 depending on your perspective). Hopefully this rendition will be easier to follow and slightly less cluttered. The page may not work correctly until it is fully set up. For now the url to the page is, eventually it will be moved to (replacing the old home page). All of the old stuff connected to the old home page has been saved and will still be accessible.

There are new sections on the homepage to see the latest gallery updates and also some random images from the gallery. There is a section showing latest forum posts (as before). There is a section showing featured categories of information. These featured categories will show new information on dozer projects, etc., but you can also access the information from the blog page. Continue reading…

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Latest Gallery Images

image DSC00077.JPG

by tcth1 on 2014-02-15

image DSC00039.JPG

by dozer on 2014-02-15 test upload

image DSC00035.JPG

by tcth1 on 2014-02-14

image 404_corner_view_2.jpg

by larrywawfelix on 2014-02-11

image 202_front_view.jpg

by larrywawfelix on 2014-02-11 front veranda /... dont know if u can call it a balcony for...

image 90_water_tank_view.jpg

by larrywawfelix on 2014-02-11 we have 2 k ltr fresh / rain water stora...

image 70_basement_floor_stair_area.jpg

by larrywawfelix on 2014-02-11 basement being ... we will have a fully tanked reasonable w...

image 104Carport.JPG

by pklongball on 2013-08-05

image 102Carport.JPG

by pklongball on 2013-08-05

image 130Carport.JPG

by pklongball on 2013-08-05

image 129Carport.JPG

by pklongball on 2013-08-05

image P8010334.JPG

by dozer on 2013-08-05

image floorplan.png

by maikowjai on 2013-03-25

image IMG_4476.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-12-30 soi connection

image IMG_4457.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-12-30

image IMG_4456.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-12-30 new tiles insta...

image IMG_4451.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-12-30 spirit house ba...

image ready_to_be_filled.jpg

by scudman on 2012-12-23 Ready for fill Jungle cleared. Storm drain piped. Acc...

image pipes_for_the_storm_drain_crossing.jpg

by scudman on 2012-12-23 Storm drain cro... Laying down some pipes for the storm dra...

image man_and_machine.jpg

by scudman on 2012-12-23 Equipment Men and machines arrive to begin buildin...

Random Gallery Images

image Front1.JPG

by jazzman on 2009-03-09 Day 26 Roof The roof is almost finished with just ...

image IMG_3281.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-28 Polishing a Wel...

image P3261928.JPG

by pklongball on 2009-03-26 26 March 2009 Our new Square "D" Classic lo...

image DSC00132~0.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-27 Side of house.

image IMG_2819.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-02-17 cement filled d...

image P5202254.JPG

by pklongball on 2009-05-20 20 May I wanted to show the stubbed up end of t...

image DSC03167.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-28 This shows hot and cold PVC pipes which ...

image DSC00008.jpg

by dozer on 2011-09-28 Another example. (01-Jan-04)

image SANY0587.JPG

by maseratimartin on 2011-03-11 Preparations Always thinking of the next step and kee...

image 0711171235BathRPanLi85a.jpg

by msdozer on 2007-12-12 Bathroom pan vi...

image IMG_4292.JPG

by shastadad on 2012-12-14

image fs_Front_Elevation.jpg

by jazzman on 2007-04-24 front

image P3261939.JPG

by pklongball on 2009-03-26 26 March 2009 And now it's time for the door frame...

image DSCF0521.jpg

by cookieboy on 2008-02-02 Shower Sliding Duscholux shower enclosure and ...

image DPP_0027.JPG

by geordie on 2009-06-02 l h side alley

image SDC12061_resize.JPG

by shastadad on 2011-04-12

image 03180010.JPG

by cookieboy on 2008-01-31

image 10_-_Living_Room_-_052108.JPG

by rick b on 2008-09-19 Ceiling support in living room

image Dec162010_7.jpg

by fgrossiii on 2012-07-20 Dec 16 2010 7 A lot of work happened today.

image 3D_House09.jpg

by pklongball on 2009-01-26 Left side