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Thaifu T - November


Khon Kaen House build in November

14 files, last one added on Mar 05, 2007
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Thaifu T - December


Khon Kaen house build, December photos

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Thaifu T - January


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Thaifu T - February


10 files, last one added on Mar 11, 2007
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Last additions - Thaifu T's Gallery
My final view of the house before having to return to the UK. Actually I am very pleased with the progress that has been made over the past 13 weeks - but don't tell the builder I said that.Thaifu TMar 11, 2007
An upstairs bedroom, ready for a few coats of paint.Thaifu TMar 11, 2007
Upstairs toilet - waiting for a clean and some water to be connected.Thaifu TMar 11, 2007
How NOT to hang a door - these hinges stand out from the door by at least half an inch, I will not repeat my comments to the builder.Thaifu TMar 11, 2007

Random files - Thaifu T's Gallery
All columns finished, they are clad in 'cling film', I presume to assist the curing process. Now working on the steel work for the beamsThaifu T
It was decided to put some extra re-inforcing for this part of the roof, someone had detected a small amount of movement; worrying at the time but now OK.Thaifu T
Example of Thai brick work. Bricks tied to columns by means of drilling into concrete and inserting steel rods. Note the horizontal 'beam' on the other side of the scaffolding, this is re-infirced and adds strength.Thaifu T
Pouring the beams (2). Greater accuracy is achieved using the tube slung below the bucket. The flow is still controlled by the 'jockey'.Thaifu T
Master bedroom now ready for paintingThaifu T
Living room. Walls now primed, ceiling erected.Thaifu T
Finishing off the patio tiling. Column brickwork finished.Thaifu T
More steel work on the roof - and all without a safety net. Health and Safety in the UK would have a field day. Also when doing the welding they don't bother with goggles - sun glasses are just as good!!!!!!!!! I think the white sticks will be coming out in a few years.Thaifu T