Planning Policy - Wall - Sloping Land

Specific to perimeter walls as of 17-May-05. If you're a reader in this phase of construction check in and update us on your thinking. Anything related to perimeter wall, entry gates, wire fencing or security.

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Re: Planning Policy - Wall - Sloping Land

Postby Sometimewoodworker » Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:20 pm

arranp wrote:Thank you for you information.

The top area is mostly flat front to back, and sloping right to left.

One benefit with Gabion walls, because the are made up of inidividual rocks formed into cubes, there are many routes for water to run through.

BTW I have no idea how to include images into these postings, I see the [Img] tags, and include the url of the image in between them, but does not show the image ?

It isn't water running through the stabilising surface you need to worry about but topsoil becoming saturated and pushing down slope as there is nothing holding it back

As to including images you need to use the upload attachment tab at the bottom of the edit window.
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