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Original CTH Revisited

Tile ImageThis was my first building experience in Thailand. At the time there was very little information on the web anywhere except some shady foreigner’s wanting to ‘sort you out’. Over the years since the build have gotten much feedback and also learned a lot from others. Whereas the first attempt was only maybe about 70% there, the house is still standing and actually has displayed few problems over the years. Some of the problems have been rectified here Problem with Substandard Valley Flashing. Other maintenance areas that we have fixed up lately are found hereGallery Maintenance Items. And finally, eventually will replace the remainder of the ceiling, would always use a specialty ceiling company as we did in subsequent projects. Other thoughts are here: CTH Hindsight

Even with the various problems, the original effort did result in a very excellent house for about 750k. Even with the various problems which occur here, I would take a concrete block house over any wood frame house any day, something slowing being realized in the West. In any event, the original project notes have been moved to Original Coolthaihouse, in an effort to clean up the web site.

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