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Breaker size and other questions

*from George Sweeten*
I bought a house, yes I know it is the easy option.

What size on breaker should I put in do you think if I am getting 3 off 9 BTU and 1 off 12 BTU air con. Plus the usual westerners shower heaters etc. I was suggested to use a 15A breaker by the local thai electricity.

In addition I am building a kitchen to the house so I am still interested in the local Thai scams that are about.

How much did your house cost overall and what was the breakdown of the costs.
>Editor: Here we have a 45 Amp breaker – this was the size required by the city, as we had a larger 63 Amp installed originally and had to remove it and put in the 45 to get the electric approved. All the houses here use 45 A and it is sufficient for everything. Please review the [electric info page in the main site]( http://www.coolthaihouse.com/infoelectric.htm “electric info”).

>Best way to avoid being ‘scammed’ – be the one buying the materials. Controls corner cutting to save on material cost.

>Coolthaihouse cost breakdown = 1 million. 100,000 baht finishing (curtains, gutters, water filtration, etc), exterior roof = 120k, inside roof = 68k, gate and surrounding house metal = 28k, perimeter wall = about 35k.

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  1. The size of breaker you can install is governed by the meter size installed by the elec co.
    If you have 3 x 9000 Btu and 1 x 12000 Btu plus a 3kW show
    Thats a total steady load of 8kW (a kW consumes about 5-6 amps depending on complicated things like pf )
    What you must ensure is that you have a drop relay (bit like a motor starter. Som ac units have these fitted internally. You will see this if it is push button to start. You need this because, in the event of a power failure you dont want all the ac units to start up at once. They consume 6 times the power on start up and you will probably blow the main fuse.
    I deally you want you system designed and certified by a qualified electrician (not expensive for a single line diagram as its called). The problem is finding a real one and not some shop cowboy, but it should be possible – I cant remember if there is a local government trade college in Pattay but there will be one in Chonburi somewhere and they teach electrical trades there.

    This will be money well spent as you will have peace of mind and can sell on the document with the house. I think in this site we stress the importance of “doing it right”

    good luck


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