Wireless Systems

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Wireless Systems

Postby pklongball » Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:12 am

Due to recent events in my neighborhood I once again will be looking at a security system solution for added protection.

I want to hear from anyone who has purchased and installed a wireless system. I am specifically looking at a DIY system. In a previous life I was in this field and I am capable of doing this myself. I want a solution that has IP and GSM capabilities. I already have checked the web on local suppliers and most I have seen so far are selling as an installed system and they want to sell the monitoring solution also. I would prefer to connect it to a GSM/GPRS connection and IP connection and have it report to me or another reliable party.

A few of the brands I have looked at? RSC group, Honeywell, DSC and Visonic. My guess is that any system sold here has the usual higher cost due to being imported so I amy purchase outside of Thailand and bring it in using a "mule".

Feeel free to add any info here especially if you already have a system that meets this description
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Re: Wireless Systems

Postby thailazer » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:01 pm

I just ran across this on ebay and was impressed with how much you get for the money. Getting it here would be a small hurdle, but lots of gadgets to install.


Wireless security is the way to go. I put a system in my car in the USA after a stereo theft attempt. The two thieves made the mistake of coming back two months later and felt the cold stainless steel of justice that night.
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Re: Wireless Systems

Postby Sunpax » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:23 pm

i 'v just purchase an wirelss camera from Ebay ...BUT i am not able to install that myself !!! what an hassele to undestand evering thing....especialy with all this ddnss things I DONT understand how to do !!! i am very dissapointed by ! onyl 60 $ for one but too difficult....and then the wire are too short to be plug in an electric socken...pouah realy not good

Thats mean i need to send it that back and lose money on shiping

really need to work in domotique to get a proper systeme...

who need to be aware when the intruders are already in ???

Need to have something who protect your area outside first and then inside

So if soemone can tell me wich kind of camera to buy EASY to install ...that i don't need to make a 4 cms hole in my wall to put the camera on and pay an elestricien 2000 baths to install a special line !!!! and and....
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