Wall Insulation and Ventilation

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Wall Insulation and Ventilation

Postby kmanonmaui » Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:35 pm

* didn't see a proper construction sub-topic, so posting here in hopes moderators will put where it needs to be *

I am trying to understand the need for wall ventilation (which I have zero knowledge of) and wall insulation (which I feel pretty knowledgeable about)...but perhaps I am wrong.

I am under the assumption that a vapor barrier (Tyvek or similar...which I would greatly appreciate the brand name for in Thailand) would allow the walls to have ventilation TO the exterior while providing an extra moisture barrier FROM the exterior.

Recently, a fellow farang visited my construction site and INSISTED that I need to provide ample ventilation, beyond just a vapor barrier...but actually running pipes and the like... inside my walls. As he put it "the condensation from the internal A/C will result in significant moisture inside your walls and you need the walls to allow air to travel easily up and down" This violates basically everything I know about properly insulating a wall, providing stagnant air space, but of course I have to second guess myself having learned how many times wrong I have been so far about Thai building.


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Re: Wall Insulation and Ventilation

Postby Roger Ramjet » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:28 pm

kmanonmaui wrote:INSISTED that I need to provide ample ventilation, beyond just a vapor barrier.

Which is the reason why most of us used Superblock (AAC).
I've never heard or seen what the person suggested with my walls, and I have three A/Cs and all my rooms are sealed. If something like that did happen my wallpaper would be peeling off the walls by now both upstairs and downstairs.
As long as you follow all the guidelines and recommendations in other threads you should have no problems.
Double walls should not have a vapor barrier, it's the reason that double walls are built, to keep the air trapped inside them. This is not damp and musty England, this is hot and humid Thailand.
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