House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Sat May 06, 2017 8:17 pm

schuimpge wrote:Ruptured appendix?

:lol: :lol: are you a symptom googler?

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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Sat May 06, 2017 8:28 pm

Chapter 12 day 30

“surprise” :D

That’s what I said first thing to Wasu….not sure if she was happy or disappointed that I was still alive, but it is what it is….no pain today and I am not sure what it was.

When I say she may have been disappointed its because she was in a mood last night.

After I mentioned my pain on the way back she suggested I stop at the pharmacy and get some medicine

“medicine for what”

“Your pain”

"The pharmacist isn’t a doctor so they are likely just to give me some tablets for diarrhoea or stomach ache; I have neither. Anyway I am fit enough to fight this whatever it is”

She wasn’t happy at my response so it was an excuse for her to sulk the rest of the evening and the next morning. :roll:

Anyway, back to full fitness and that means continuing with the post removal job. :( Two to go.

The corner post took me 2 hours to remove, same old chiseling away the concrete bit by bit until my fingers ached. The next post took about an hour, smaller, not too much concrete surround.

Final job before I get my string line running through is to remove all the “yanettin”

This is a word I have remembered since 1975 as it was written down in an essay by a pupil of my dad when he was a teacher.... at the comprehensive school of course….you wouldn’t get away with it at the Grammar school! :wink:

I have, of course given a big clue in my sentence as to what it says but imagine you are given it written on a piece of paper.

Wire netting, that’s what its supposed to say. This was all “yad” on to the barbed “ya” but it needs to come off so I can get my new posts as far in as possible. :)

I have run a line through, and there is one post encroaching our side due to a tree pushing the post over which is now a concern. Its not my tree but I am of the opinion that you are responsible for the actions of your trees and if they cross the boundary than I am within my rights to cut the buggers down. If it gets to a stage of the tree breaking my wall then I am quite sure dicksplash isn’t going to offer to rebuild it for me. So b’llox to him, I will do some more hard pruning before I get much further.


1 (1).jpg

On and off its taken me a week to remove all the boards and the posts, very hard work so the next stage of building it should be a breeze…..wrong choice of word there. I mean should be a “qcon”

Time to get some gear organized me thinks. :)
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby schuimpge » Sun May 07, 2017 10:30 am

eyecatcher wrote:
schuimpge wrote:Ruptured appendix?

:lol: :lol: are you a symptom googler?


Nah..friend of mine visited some time ago. Came off the plane and straight away got violently sick.
Thought it was food poison but upon returning to Singapore, turned out his appendix ruptured.
Spent a week in hospital to get fixed up.

That's what I thought about when you mentioned it, combined with the heavy work on the columns.

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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Sun May 07, 2017 7:22 pm

Chapter 12 day 31

I am beginning to regret not spending 18k baht on labour to build this wall. The wall building is relatively easy, it’s the preparation work that is killing me. :(

My body is getting very tired and aching all over.

Having removed the posts, I still have a trench to dig for the footing then 13 post holes but first I need to do my water levellling again.

The height of the wall is fixed at the back so if I can set about marking each of the existing fence posts at the same level then its easy enough to get a string line level also.


I had to manually wire the water pipe around the fence and then walk down the next two. Its awkward trying to spot the bubble even at 4m away but it is achievable; especially if you have laser vision which I bought 10 years ago.

I had to repeat the manoeuvre, and re tie the water pipe about 5 times over the length.

So with the posts marked, I can measure the first line to the top of the post and in my case it was 220mm.


31m down the garden all I have to do is set the string line at 220mm above the mark and that should ensure the post tops are level.
The ground is lower at the front of our property so I can see there isn’t much to dig out, if at all but at the back it’s the opposite.

Over the weekend I have spend a full day trying to clear out a trench but I have a problem. Where the fence runs besides the house there is nowhere to pile up the spoil so I have toiled with filling bag upon bag of spoil and still its only just halfway into making a trench.



Not only that I still have to mark out and dig for the posts.

I am going to set my posts at 2.6m centres. It’s a ridiculous dimension I know but the total length of 31.4m makes it awkward for spacing 600 blocks or even 600s and a half. I just want to get as near to the end as I can without removing the last timber post which still carried the front fence.

This morning I went to order some materials.

First stop was to the lady boy yard for some posts. I need 13 and I will get about 150 commons as a starter course.

After my last visit to order posts from the puff I was expecting something of the same again….but no, completely different. :roll:
For starters he wasn’t wearing his favourite jodphurs but instead some equally fetching stretchy tights! :wink: The hairdo was still bouffant but today he wasn’t drugged up to the eyeballs.

I asked for 13 posts and 150 brick and he understood completely. Asked him to deliver and he was almost bending over for me…. :lol: :lol: …no thanks

Nothing is too much trouble and he can remember where I live; and probably remembers the nice tip I gave them last time.
Within two hours he sent his driver…on his own….

Now that wasn’t fair, last time it took two of them to lift 8 posts. Today 13 posts,150 bricks and a young driver on his own. :(
It was fortunate for him that I was here to help him. Yes the concrete posts are bloody heavy but taking them from the truck onto my boards wasn’t easy even for two of us. I know how delicate the posts are and unsupported they will snap like a crisp. :(

Next stop to a different yard to order cement, sand and gravel. As I need more than last time I decided to get the sand and gravel loose. I don’t really know how much I am getting compared with bagged but I have 1 ton sand and 2 ton gravel and 11 bags of cement arriving tomorrow.

I didn’t get much of anything done today really, or maybe I did; my final task of the day was a visit to our local Immigration office. My 90 day report was due over the weekend. I expected Monday to be busy but I rolled in a 3pm and rolled out at 3.10pm and safe for another 90! :)
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Mon May 08, 2017 7:58 pm

Chapter 12 day 32

The days are rolling by and I am still looking at exactly the same view of the fence as 10 day ago….barbed wire. :(

I ordered a half m3 of sharp sand and 1m3 of ¾ stone and 11 bags of cement for my concrete footing and this was delivered this morning.

The sand arrived first with the cement, the driver not saying a word after he lifted the tipper and dumped the sand; he just left and I thought the stone delivery would be ten minutes behind.

Half an hour later the same driver returned with the stone and he dropped it adjacent to the sand.

Same scenario, lifted the tipper dropped and drove straight out, no words nothing.

After he left I looked at the two piles….they were identical in size. :shock: That’s odd, there should be twice as much stone as sand. Oh well perhaps he will return with another????


I asked Wasu to call them and tell them we have just half a cube of each….it seemed they needed half an hour at their end to “check” :roll:

The excuse came back…to the effect that they made a mistake and instead we have got 1m3 of sand also but they will not come back for the half m3!!!! :lol: :lol:

I thought they were taking the piss so I set about measuring it. to look at it a blind man could see it wasn’t 1m3

1 (7).jpg

I dipped it, roughly measured it and then even put a board on it measuring 1.8x1.2 and sitting on the sand at 500 high. That meant if it was a closed box that volume would be exactly 1m3

1 (2).jpg

1 (4).jpg

1 (5).jpg

Its no where near.... :o In my calculations I have established its about 0.7m3 which coincidently is 1 cubic yard. I wonder?????

Are they selling in cubic yards and the girl thinks it’s the same as a cubic metre????? wouldnt surprise me :roll:

I wasn’t in the mood for going back there with all my calculations and asking to measure the bucket of their tractor; as I quite like the girl, she speaks English well and always has a nice conversation with me. Y

Yesterday she told me (gossip from her drivers) that I have a beautiful house and that I must be very rich!! :lol: :lol: ; not only that when I went to order the materials yesterday I called at her lunchtime, there were about 6 bags of different foods on her desk ready to start the staff feed………….and of course she invited me to join them!!! :)

Yes that was nice and polite of her, so you know sometimes you just have to let things slide for the better good.

I have told myself though, that the next time I go back there to pick up some sand or cement I will make a point of checking if they are selling as m3 or yd3

I am still pottering on the trench, filling bags and today I made a start on digging the post holes. I decided to start in a random spot in the sun rather than in the mosquito zone but this first pit took me 2 hours. It seemed I had dropped unlucky as this pit had a few tree roots crossing it…which is a concern. :(

I am going to secretly drill into the trees nearest to my wall and flood it with paraquat. Dicksplashs' trees are fairly mature but I don’t want to be seen to be chopping them down blatantly on his side. So I will chop what I can….he will not say anything to me because he is a wimp but he could just go to the authorities like a lawyer that he is and do it all on the q.t. like he did before. :(

Anyway, my brother is a tree surgeon and he tells me that the secret way to kill a tree is to drill it and ram in a poisoned pellet or just drill it downwards and try to flood it. Slowly the tree will die and no one will be any the wiser.

They are the biggest risk to the integrity of my wall now.

My second posthole only took half an hour so its win some lose some. I just hope I win the rest because I have 11 more to go and Wasu now expects this wall to take me 3 months… estimate is 5 weeks. :roll:
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Wed May 10, 2017 5:10 pm

Chapter 12 day 33

Bored with this already, but I haven’t really had a full day at it until today that is.

And what a difference a day makes. Today it was an assertive 6 hours, 6 posts holes dug out including a water pipe repair. :wink:

Yes; for some unknown reason, my water pipe has generally been set at the previous fence line of 300mm infront of these old concrete posts.

It came to the last post hole and for some reason the water service pipe takes a mighty swing inwards and downwards and the mattock created a lovely water fountain in the process. :cry:




Now the advantage of having a water tank is shown. It didn’t matter that water was pissing out. I can just shut the tap outside and don’t even need to repair this until tomorrow…or even next week as we have a 1000 litres of water already; enough for 10 days in fact.

But I needed to excavate another post hole and this pipe was obviously in the way. I decided to clear the line and cut off the damage and simply put a couple of bends on it to straighten the line and allow it to go around the new post.


So 6 holes dug and just 3 more to go. There is light at the end of the tunnel finally. I think I may even be laying q cons in a weeks time. :)

I don’t normally get help when setting out the fence line but today I did; it looked like one of Mr Blues offspring tying to get in on the act. But he really wasn't helping!



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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Thu May 11, 2017 6:46 pm

Chapter 12 day 34

It’s a day off for me…. :lol: :lol: n.f. likely. Wasu has been reminding me about loft insulation :roll:

You know that saying guys; if we say we are going to fix it, we will……but we don’t need reminding every 6 months. :wink:

Well, a job I was thinking about every year for 6 years is to get some insulation in the roof at the spa. I suppose I always thought why should I invest in insulation on a rented property.

Now 6 years on, we have already spent 6k baht on an additional portable masterkool cooler, plus I can imagine our electric bills is surcharged by 300bt every month. :(

Our lease is up in a month and takings are down 40%. A high season that used to see only spa packages has been replaced with a low season clientele keen on foot massages and Thai massages…two items I would like to ban from our menu.

The two top rooms do get unbearably hot. The roof space is even hotter. I know because I once had the job of trailing loudspeaker wires from one room to the next.

That task also showed me that it was far too dangerous for me to go in the roof to do anything ever again.

Nothing to walk on. No steel, just a few 4 inch brick walls, the rest was ceiling hangers and plasterboard.

So Wasu is saying the landlord is very likely to up the rent but selling isn’t going to benefit us really so its full steam ahead reinvesting and refurbishing.

I have looked at several rolls of insulation and its mainly 2 inch or 3 inch here. The resistance factor R rating though is crap.

You look at these rolls and they say, this, that, the other but I looked at each individually and compared the resistance per inch and then checked several other materials. Its almost effective to have a roll of cardboard with dried grass on,(seriously) as what you get in these rolls :(

Everything Global sells is useless, I mean everything to get any level of protection their low standard needs a thickness of 9 inch….thats 3 rolls on top of each other.

Home pro and SCG have much better imported products. The ratings are better. :)

I was surprised to find a 6 inch roll and at half price. 359bt which was the most expensive, but it wasn’t by comparison. The rating was R37 over the 6 inch. About 6 per inch.
6 per inch was average; most were between 5 and 7 per inch but they were only 2” or 3” thick.

Wasu had already asked someone to quote for laying and it was 50bt/m2 which I think is expensive…..roll it out for 120bt per roll,…..expensive maybe but not if they are going to keep the ceiling intact.

Today I had to measure our access hatch as this was a deal breaker. Our hatch measured 520x520. if I get the 6” roll through that hole we are cooking with gas. :)

I tootled off to Home Pro.

A typical scenario ensued:

Someone is loitering around the product you are looking at…then as soon as you open your mouth they freeze, smile, look up to Buddha and then look for help.

Second girl arrives.

“Can I order this insulation please; 16 rolls?” :)

Then the usual pregnant pause because no one knows what to say :?

“Er excuse me sir, have check stock ok”

“Ok; but there are 22 rolls here”

Then a conversation between them of which I recognised the 6k baht spend for free delivery……but who dares to tell me?

“Yes I understand I have to spend 6k baht for delivery”

“Excuse me sir, how, kee…. “ Another con-flab...asking each other who speaks English

“I want sip hok, 16 rolls”

“You want 16 rolls?”

“Yes please” :)

Meanwhile girl number three has come to join the party, God knows why…but probably because it was more interesting than filling shelves.

“Excuse me sir, can you write telephone number please and draw map”

“You want me to draw map on this?”

“No you have to draw map at reception desk”

“Khun…? “

She shows me the calculator 5744 baht

“That’s ok, I want ladder also.”

I have a step ladder at home (I never knew my real ladder) but its not been in good health since the day those ceiling fixers came and decided to borrow it to carry 4x2 steels on it…..before I went head over tits, damaging the ladder and then an hour later ckufing them off the job.

Check out:

“Mee member card”


I paid up and was lead back to the customer service area. I was asked for my receipt and then asked for my passport


“You have ID sir, passport”

“Yes here is my driving licence”

She photocopied it, sat down and asked if I have member card

“Yes, I have card 7 years ago but I don’t use it, it’s a pointless piece of plastic”

I see her filling out an application form for another card

“Sorry I don’t want card thank you”

“You have telephone number”

“Yes, on this receipt”

“Ah, I see you have member card already”

“Yes I just told you that.”

“Well we can add the points on”

“I don’t want any points thankyou” :|

Then I am presented with a big carboard box, with nice pretty Chinese symbols on it :roll:

“Free draw sir”

“Oh can I win a washing machine”

“Haha, no sir”

“A television?”

“Haha, solly only points and can double point today”

“Ladies, really I don’t want any points and I don’t want to use my card, I will let you all have my points and you can all go out and share a somtam”

With that the girl takes an envelope from the box and they all gather around to see what the prize is………….50 points

“You can have them thankyou good bye.” :)

Bloody member card points. I forget exactly but basically you need to spend 100k baht within any 12 month period and you win a free travel kettle. :lol:

I worked it out that by not spending 100k at Home pro, you can buy exactly the same from Global or Siam or wherever for 80k and have enough left over to buy car insurance for a year. So that’s why I never indulge any of these so called points cards.

A short afternoon and I finally dug out the final three post holes. So happy to complete them. Whilst there is hard work ahead mixing concrete the last 10 days have been a struggle on and off. I noticed during a recent badminton afternoon that I was tired, my coordination was way off and my speed was down.

at least I can still move about :)
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Fri May 12, 2017 6:23 pm

Chapter 12 day 35

This morning I presented Wasu with a “find” during my posthole digging. Amongst tree roots and a couple of noodle spoons at 400mm down I found this marble/onyx carved lion. Its just 50mm long but looks quite nice. :)



“Here; a present for you”

“Oh wow, where did you get it ?” (theres always some suspicion isn’t there?)

“I dug it up yesterday, its nice isn’t it ?”

“Oh…I don’t know, be careful, it might be voodoo”

“What?” :? :roll:

“You never know, someone may have buried it to make bad luck for someone”

:roll: :roll:

“You are talking ridiculous now”

She then looked to see if it was marble then stood up and passed this lion from hand to hand around the top of her thighs three times”

“What are you doing now?”

“Its Thai tradition that if something has a bad spirit you can make it safe by passing it under your pussy”.... :shock:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: , oh dear Thai superstitions are never ending are they?”
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Fri May 12, 2017 6:40 pm

Chapter 12 day 35 contd

Another hard day for me each of the 13 posts had to be carried and dragged to each of the post holes and propped in their holes. I reckon they must be 30-35kg each and dragging them across the grass and piles of excavated soil I really did feel like a carthorse.




My corner post isn’t in the best place. When I built the back wall I couldnt get the post across another 5 inch I think because the old post had snapped off at an awkward level and its concrete surround plus the neighbours concrete surround on his posts was in the way. :(

So my back wall final post isn’t in the corner.

When I have set up the line for this new wall the post is further away, and yes, concrete everywhere so I have an idea.
I will set up the post close to the other post but I will infill the gap with blocks and create one large post. When its rendered no one will ever know. Its just like having a 9 inch square post in the corner.


Today I managed to set up 8 posts hopefully with as near as possible a 2.4m panel width. I have done 4 big mixes of concrete and got those 8 posts concreted in part way.




Good progress today though I think tomorrow I am going to be spending the morning in a sauna. No not a real sauna, but laying loft insulation above the ceiling in our spa where the temperature is going to be over 30 degrees with no ventilation. :(
Dreading it, don’t want to do it, but to save 1800 baht, I will do it. :wink:
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Mon May 15, 2017 5:21 pm

Chapter 12 day 36

I had a rushed couple of hours today trying to set up and concrete the last 5 posts. I was more set on playing badminton this afternoon despite my body now in virtual shut down. :(

I really am pushing my body to its physical limits now and I am getting these “I told you so” comments from Wasu, who is waiting for me to moan just so she can say, “I told you we should get someone to build the wall while you could have done something easier like renovate the old house, built a carport blah blah blah” :roll:

I have promised to make an early start tomorrow and lay the loft insulation at the spa. Now that’s a job I don’t want to do but she thinks now I have bought a 5m folding ladder its so easy to open it out and lay it across the ceiling. :lol:

The plan is that Wasu will stay at the spa, and I have to arrive there by 7.30am so we can at least get 2 hours done before breakfast and she opens.

Also by 9am the sun is out and the temperature in the roof will be up to 35 degrees in no time.

I have ceiling hanger wires, electric light cables, and loudspeaker cables to contend with….just wondering if its safer for me to send a 50kg lady up there rather than a 75kg lanky git.

At least if I go up, I have a good understanding of where to stand and where not to stand, she will not.(famous last words………to be eaten) :oops:
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Mon May 15, 2017 5:36 pm

Chapter 12 day 37

Wasu stayed at the spa last night. With an early start it was better if she was already there rather than wait for her at home to get ready and then venture out.

I arranged to meet her there at 8; which I did. The plan was to do two hours laying insulation then go and get breakfast then she can open the spa.

Well. that was another plan that went tits up no sooner than it started. :roll:

Each time I poke my head through that loft space, I say this is an impossible job, if not impossible its dangerous, but you close the lid, get down and it all seems easy again………… :wink:

I bought this new ladder last week; its an aluminium 5m folding ladder. It folds into 4 sections of 1.25m so its convenient and you can get it in a car.

My idea was to get up in the roof and pull the ladder up behind me, then try to spread it out over the ceiling frame and crawl along it.

I quickly realized that when I pulled it up through the hatch, it was clashing with at least 5 un-tethered ceiling hangers!!! :shock:

Who t.f has unclipped them in the past????

In an effort to find some steady balance to lay out the ladder, I moved my foot and immediately there was an electrical explosion!!! :shock:

f.f.s :oops: :evil:

I wasn’t happy

The light from the bathroom and the stair landing was sent into darkness and all I can smell is burning!!!

When I looked at my feet, I had stepped on one of many unconduited lighting wires and a 1 in 100 chance I had stepped on it at the exact position of the two screws holding the plasterboard to the ceiling grid.

The screw had gone straight through the lighting cable and shorted it all out. :?

That was the end of the job, about 5 minutes in total. I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t going to mess about with wires up here that were all twisted together with insulation tape, bollox to that.

Wasu needed the light in the bathroom today so I had to suggest she calls her sparky.

We decided that laying insulation was not for me. With a 5m long brush ok maybe but I am not going across that ceiling as there will be a ceiling to replace for sure.

The sparky was due in an hour so we wandered up the road for breakfast.

On our return the sparky was told of the promprem and up he went with wire cutters and insulation tape. 10 minutes from when he arrived to when he finished.

100 bt.

I think we are going to have to spend on this one…..surely we know some young kids that can do it???


At home it was another half day only. Having concreted the remaining 5 posts yesterday, the next job is to prepare the foundation.
I had previously excavated the majority of it, but now I needed to prepare it for levels and shuttering.

There were two post stumps still left in the ground that were a bit high so I spent an hour chiseling as much out as I could.


Next task was to re mark the posts to identify what I deemed to be the top level of the concrete and then used my yellow conduits to drive in and mark the top surface.

I still have 3no 4x2 steel sections left so its going to easier to use them as the front shutters. They will need propping up an inch or two in places but at least it gives me a straight edge and may do away with the need to rely on the yellow pegs.
The back edge, I will use the old fencing so it will be like a snake I guess but who cares we will not see it.




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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Fri May 19, 2017 6:55 pm

Chapter 12 day 38

I made a start concreting the footing today. By the end of my shift it also looked like I had just made a start. :(

Four hours in the sun and only 8m of progress. At this rate its going to take me 4 days so for the sake of reading my boring prose every day, I think unless something interesting occurs then I will report back in 4 days from now because I don’t have the energy to complete it any quicker.





I am 25% along the way and my stone is disappearing quickly. For sure they short measured me on that stone and it looks like I need to be ordering the same short measure again after tomorrow.

At this end though my footings are a bit deep. I kind of excavated similar to the other end, the other end is higher ground.

You can see that with the steel shutters being out of the ground.

Anyway, I have managed to get an average of 150mm depth of concrete footing which hopefully should withstand some minor tree movement.


I have been given a practice welding task tomorrow. When I collected Wasu from the spa tonight she asked me to put this in the car. After 6 years it no longer holds and umbrella upright. out with the welder again great. :)

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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Fri May 19, 2017 7:22 pm

Chapter 12 day 39

I am having rest day and now I can see why Wasu is always telling me this wall will take three months! :roll:

Based on my back wall, I anticipated this wall would take me about 6 weeks but after checking when I started, ok I am not at it full time but already its over three weeks and I haven’t even got the strip footing completed.

My rest days are not really rest days, I have a problem with relaxing full stop; I consider sitting around doing nothing as wasting part of your life so I have a list of small task to achieve today.

1. replace the leaking tap outside feeding one of the hosepipes
2. get my welder out and repair the steel umbrella stand from the spa
3. strip the beds in the old house and get the washer on
4. go and get some new wash wiper blades for the car
5. go to the market and buy some 2 year old rice
6. go and renew my bike tax and insurance
7. water the plants
8. order some more stone for the concrete
9. order 360 q con blocks for the wall.

That’s a long list, but none of it is muscle fatigue.

First off was to swap the outside tap. I bought the replacement tap about a month ago and couldn’t find 10 minutes to replace it. :lol:

And that’s what it took, 10 minutes to change everything over, re cut the hosepipe end and fit the adjustable ring.

Next task was to repair the umbrella stand. Wasu told me not to bother, but we had it 6 years and in that time its slowly been rusting away and finally one of the central supporting tubes corroded so much it became useless.


My idea was to remove the corroded section and replace it with some more tubular steel. I had a couple of short scaffold ledgers so I could butcher one of them.

An excuse to get the welder out again. I cut the new tube to length and removed the vertical tube from the old rusty one using a grinder.


Welded the new tube in, simple enough.
All the the tubes were quite well corroded already and it appeared that when it was originally made they had filled the tubes with sand. Of course all this sand was spilling out every time you budged it.
I had a play about trying to weld some of the open joints but not too successfully. Its either me or the metal was too thin……..I think it was me!




Finally got it something like. Its not neat although I did persevere to try and make it so but hey, theres always the black paint and who will ever know??

The black paint surfaced, an old brush and pretty soon it was looking like a new…ish pin. Not bad indeed. It wasn’t great either but I’m still a novice and I could really do with some lessons and teaching.


Washing machine was on and I went to Big C to get some wiper blades. I measured them and even removed one and took it with me, but guess what I bought the wrong size. :(

Firstly I didn’t realise that both wipers are different sizes. The drivers wiper is 2 inch longer than the passengers wiper.

Then I bought 6mm and they should be 8mm so I had to strip down the old one, remove the metal frames and try to reassemble. I have managed it, but its not right. I should have bought a full set and not just the wiper refills.

Next stop, the bike insurance and tax office. I pulled up and was advised that I needed to go back to Caltex gas station where we took our car last month, for the same emissions test. :roll:

60bt waste of money, as was 100bt for the car…..I wonder if those red songthaews have ever been tested. If so there would be none on the road by tomorrow.

So 5 minute job, got my emission certificate so it was back to the tax office. First stop the insurance.

“insurance please”

“Er solly sir the office is now close”

Wonderful, they work school hours;they close at 3.30 so that means another trip tomorrow. :(

Collecting rice at the market was followed by collecting a couple of beers and at that point it’s a case of kcuf it that’s me done for today. :)

Tomorrow morning is going to be at the tax office again then an afternoon of badminton.

I think wasu will be nearer in her assessment of how long this wall will take. :oops:
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Sun May 21, 2017 7:16 pm

Chapter 12 day 40

A bit of a disrupted day really. I had to go and finally sort out my bike road tax after yesterdays no show, but I was there and back within an hour so no great shakes. :)

Wasu told me that after my failure to lay out the loft insulation she asked the same boy that she asked previously. He had come in to say he would be a few days but was free in the afternoon.

The girls suggested the afternoon wasn’t a good time as the sun is blazing , the temperature is sky high and they might have customers.

In the end, they agreed that he could make a start as it was quiet and should a customer arrive who needs the room then he must make a sharpish exit.

She tells me after the first 20 minutes he was wanting water every 10! :(

Wasu was keeping a check on him. The insulation was essentially done from one position with a long stick and despite all the hangers and ceiling lights and water supply pipes to the showers, he managed to negociate all of them. :)

The back room was easier apparently since there were no electric cables or water pipes crossing the room.

In the end he came down looking like a chimney sweeps boy. Wasu thought by looking at him she was glad I didn’t do the job as we would have had a big falling out. :lol:

She also looked at him and thought not to be petty and ask for a discount, it looked like he deserved the full amount.(strange logic that?)

Wasu has also been making moves to renew the lease at the spa. Its been a poor year, the two previous years were bumper I suppose and we were astute enough to re negotiate our lease contract after year 2 for the following 4 years and at the same rate as year 1-3

It was one of those times I really felt like we got one over on the landlord. We started at 15k a month and for year 4-6 he wanted to raise the rent to 20k. If he had raised it, then for sure we would have packed up and done something else but

Wasu is very likeable and I can appear like an injured rabbit when needed also!!

We said that we had invested a lot of money into the business and were still facing a loss. :wink: We couldn’t afford any staff, so we had to do our own washing and ironing, we don’t advertise and use natural no chemical products…(we make our own) :wink:

I did throw in something that that they agreed to, I said I would pay the rent 6 months in advance in full if we can keep the rent the same. They agreed. :)

It was a great coup really as our neighbours, same property were paying 20k and 25k rent.

Move forward to now, we are approaching year 7 and have been fully expecting a massive rise. The road we are on has developed 10 fold. We have two new 8 storey hotels literally 50m from us, coffee shops galore, new apartments, and traffic is a damn nuisance.

Within 300m of us pretty much most rents are 35k-50k for small premises so 25k would be fair I suppose.

But we are still playing the game to keep that rent down, our target is 20k.

Our immediate neighbour; an old bat really, she owns her own property and is an upstanding local citizen, a teacher in her 70s. Well she knows our landlord personally so Wasu has been talking to her about how business has dropped, how long she is working there now to make ends meet; and she even bought sandwiches from her a few months back when Wasu was really struggling (actually she was sulking and thinking she can manage for herself without me)

And guess what; the landlord has been on the phone to her (the neighbour) asking her if we look busy. That’s landlords tactics. If someone is busy they can afford more.

My tactic as a UK landlord is not to increase rent, keep the same tenant happy year after year…..costs don’t actually increase; maybe house insurance but that’s something and nothing really.

Well surprisingly the neighbour has put in a good word for us; :D and told them… no they seem quiet, she even has to sell sandwiches to pay for her family……. :lol:

Today the landlord called Wasu back and they discussed the rent. It was evident they are wanting to increase it so Wasu was piling it on nicely :P

“we only make enough money to survive” :(
“The economy is suffering and tourist numbers are down” :(
“we want to remain loyal because we treat the spa now like our family” :)
“we love it here and don’t want to leave” :)
“We cannot afford 25k but I suppose 20k is ok”. :|

I hope she has done enough to see us through the next year or so or at least until we see which way tourism is heading.

It wasn’t going to be a building day today but my badminton afternoon was cancelled due to a power outage so I gave the footing another two hours. :)

Just 4m more concreting and setting up the shutters for the next section. :)
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Re: House Extension to "Baan Thai"….what happened next?

Postby eyecatcher » Sat May 27, 2017 8:40 pm

Chapter 12 day 41

Two hours a day mixing and laying concrete is enough for me. Today I moved on a further 6m so I can see just another 4 hour works to complete the footing. :)

My stone will be used up after another mix so its clear that they definitely didn’t deliver 1m3 as requested, probably 1yd3.

Anyway no point moaning about it now I did that the other week. :roll:


Wasu has been reminding me of my Songran shutdown jobs at the spa. :(

One was to re configure all the steel curtain rails into 4 divisions rather than the three we have. Just because I have a new welder she thinks I need to get value from it. :lol:
I am not too keen on burning in the spa though, as all the floors are either polished hardwood or polished parquet.

My other job was to extend the massage beds by two inch all around as the original base was never made big enough for the mattress. We have only managed for 6 years but for some reason now it seems urgent or customers are getting wider.

My first idea was to just to burn a length of 2x1 all around and then and upstand angle to retain the mattress.

I don’t think my welding skills are up to bog standard yet and I don’t fancy the idea of leaving sharp metal edges where customers can slice their hands on them.

Nagging women eh? I thought ok :roll:

Lets make a start with the beds. My alternative to extending the steel was to simply re cut a new timber base. Plywood or chipboard should be ok and a damn sight easier.

So another trip to Global and Suksawad to check prices. 15mm ply was 511bt and the chipboard 310bt. Chipboard it is, just two sheets needed.
I went to Suksawad and ordered for delivery; so that’ jobs pending until it arrives.

We also both went to see our landlord to sign a new lease agreement. Wasu certainly holds a smiling captive audience and the fact she is completely honest and likeable has certainly gone in our favour. :)

I also told her to slip in the fact that we have insulated all his roof for him. We are just hoping he is so rich he is not greedy for money.

Incidently; what a significant different the loft insulation had made. The next day was very much cooler on our top floor. I had to go out and check the sun was still blazing.
Early days but Wasu had commented that when the aircon is switched on, it cools down much quicker than before. Well I hope the electric bills will see a change also.

Our rent has increased by 33% from 15-20k which sounds extortionate; but this is the first rise in 6 years and we will still be paying 5k less than our two immediate neighbours and at least 10k less than the majority of other small businesses within 400m of us. :)

We both think its acceptable in the circumstances.

Wasu is preparing for a week off. She is going to Vietnam with Nan her best friend in a few days.

Its seems ages ago when she booked these cheapy flights but if its anything like the last one, the airline will probably cancel the flight at the last minute. :?

I am looking forward to a week alone myself also. At least I can be up early and make a start walling without having to take her to work or go shopping for us both.
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