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Postby Andyfteeze » Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:09 pm

Has enyone on this site tried to import a boat or buy local?
I do want one to go fishing and cruising. I found a quintrex agent in pattaya and got prices on three setups that interest me.
Talk about sticker shock! There is no import duty if imported from australia, only 7%vat. And I have seen very cheap outboard prices here. So what's the go? 1,500,000 for a boat and motor. This is a great premium on aussie prices! I estimate a 500,000b premium. I told him at that price, I am not interested. So then he tries to sell me a "ship " for 1,000,000b. Would be fun and games launching around here, lol
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Re: Boats

Postby Roger Ramjet » Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:22 pm

Andyfteeze wrote:Has enyone on this site tried to import a boat or buy local?

Buy local, the cost is in the motor. I have a small fishing boat equiped with sonar, satnav and to have the hull refiberglassed, new canopy and seats reupholstered cost peanuts compared to the motor. You can get a cheap secondhand motor for about 200,000 baht but it would be for a small boat and you would have to find storage or moorings for it...a major problem.
Don't expect to catch anything big either, unless you have sonar on board, and even then you'd be out in the channel vying against container ships and the biggest catch I've managed was another speed boat which cut across the stern.
And you need maps and GPS with the sonar because the whole area is dotted with shallow reefs that are rarely marked and one minute you're in 21 metres of water and the next your at 1 metre. And you also have to vie against the local fishing fleet that uses nets and takes all sizes... no matter how small. The only way to get around that is by sticking near the islands and then you need a bloody great anchor because of the currents. And drifting is all well and good but beware because there are snags everywhere... mostly old rotting fixed nets. Trolling is hopeless because you can go for 5 hours without a strike...except for the speedboats cutting across both the bow and hull. Bloody big speedboats with 40 Chinese tourists packed in them and crazed Thais driving them.
Chumming is unheard of here so you'll have to build your own chum box out of stainless steel.
I hope I haven't put the dampers on you getting a fishing boat, but it's a real game here and I love fishing. I always take a local boy or two with me at Koh Samet and let them keep the catch. Make sure you have a canopy on the boat too. Fishing tackle is cheap though, but beware the fiberglass rods unless you get a brand named one. Fishing line also. The stuff from Japan is super expensive but will hold anything in these waters....besides a speedboat with 40 Chinese on board. 400 yards that bugger ripped off my Penn at 2,000 baht a hundred yards. I was sorely pissed I can tell you.
Oh and the weather, watch the weather like a hawk. :D :D :D
Have a great time fishing. :lol:
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Re: Boats

Postby Andyfteeze » Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:11 pm

Well after my former life with boats, i have decided that yes thats something appropriate here too.
But i want a decent boat with a decent motor. I have checked out whats available in local build, but to be truthfull, they dont have a clue and so are a few generations behind in hull design. maybe i am spoilt, but I aint going backwards.
found another importer and checking prices now. at the prices i was quoted, its cheaper to import myself.
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