Hybrid Ventilation

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Hybrid Ventilation

Postby rogernel » Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:59 am

From what I have read here and elsewhere I should ventilate the attic as much as possible to keep the temperature down. Then during the night when the outside air 'might be' cooler I should ventilate the home. So I have been researching different ventilation systems and I came across the Odyssey Hybrid Ventilation system, http://www.odyssey.com.au What do you think of this approach? I am not promoting any products. Just looking for a way to automatically handle the ventilation challenge we have here.
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Re: Hybrid Ventilation

Postby Ians » Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:11 pm

It appears to be a sophisticated unit that works but an expensive solution to a problem and not really suited to Thailand unless you are in an area that see a major temp. difference overnight.

For Thailand, think you would be better in designing a properly insulated roof space with air coming in thru the soffits during the high temp during the day and exhausting thru roof vents.
For the evening you could use a ceiling mounted exhaust fan to assist in bringing cooler air into the house from outside (if and when it does get cooler) and exhausting it into the roof space this could be thermostatic controlled in combination with a time switch.
In my part of the country during the high temp. session the overnight sometimes doesn't drop all that much anyway so the indoor / outdoor temp can equalise at about 28c - meaning the house kicks off at 28 or so first thing in the morning. The secret is to build your house so the temp. doesn't rise internally during the day.

Just edited to add.
Currently monitoring roof space / internal / external temperatures and have been doing so for about 3 weeks.

for interest right now @ 2.26PM the temps. are
External 33c
internal 28.9c
roof space 35.1c
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