Water stop Size recomendations

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Water stop Size recomendations

Postby smeestu » Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:41 pm

Im still in the planing ,looking for local labour stage of building a pool its going to be a basic concrete / block construction 6/12 or 5/10m looking to go with 15cm concrete with 12mm rebar on 20cm spacings inside blocks for the walls and a 20cm floor 12mm double rebar, been looking through here lots of usefull information ill be getting some stuff from udon Thani (i live about a hour and a half away in sakon nakhon) . Ive got good access here so ill be using cpac readymix with the extra waterproofer in it . One of the questions i have is about what water block water hieght to use. Never used it before is it just a case of half of it being in the floor then the other half in the wall when you pour it. looking at either 4,6, or 8 inch water stop what do people recomend ?. Here is a link to the page not sure if i can post links on here http://swimmingpoolsthailand.com/en/133 ... -materials. Also any recomendations for the main drian also where to buy in Udon/or mail order would be a help want to go with a brand that i can replace the cover if need and doesnt fall apart in 5 mins

thanks in adance for any help
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