Nursery is finished, Now we begin the house

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Nursery is finished, Now we begin the house

Postby Glenn » Wed Feb 07, 2007 12:26 pm

Finally, after many delays and an incompetent and basically dis-honest general contractor, our nursery is finished. It's about 5 rai under shade, with 2 greenhouses, benches, stock beds, irrigation and a fogging system. It turned out pretty well.

The contractor had no idea what he was doing after the poles went in the ground. Every project that was nursery related and had a right way and a wrong way, was done wrong and if I wasn't there everyday, would have been a disaster. I see now that his only priority was profit, not only the profit he was entitled to, but any profit. But I'm happy to say that to me as a businessman, he was quite obvious, in his dishonesty, so dealing with him was interesting and fun.

It was a great learning experience. The same contractor was supposed to build our house after he completed the nursery. My wife and I decided that he was wrong for the job immediately. So we began to watch him much closer and just let him finish. We became the GC's and he was the foreman, he just didn't know it.

A couple of examples: He told us the growing benches were done. I leaned on them, they collapsed. He had to anchor the benches in concrete so they wouldn't fall over. I laughed when he asked us to pay for the concrete.

We installed a chain link gate in the front of the property. I told him to use three hinges on the heavy gates, he used two. I said this is no good, the welds are going to snap. He said, don't worry, they already did.

The list goes on and on, but I won't bore any readers with more examples. The bottom line is it's done and we're getting ready to start building the house.

We found a project that was under construction near the Erawan Dam and the builder had done a very nice, clean, efficient job. So we checked some of his other projects and were satisfied.

BUT, we also worded the contract in such a way that there is a) no money up front and b) we buy the materials and pay only for labor (after the work is performed)

I'll keep the photo's and the updates coming. If I can figure out how to download them to the forum.

Go to to see the completed nursery.

And any feedback, suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.
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Postby dozer » Wed Feb 07, 2007 6:35 pm

BUT, we also worded the contract in such a way that there is a) no money up front and b) we buy the materials and pay only for labor (after the work is performed)

This is certainly a good way to go because you have so much more control over the project when you buy the materials.

It also is good you split up your project, you were able to weed out the bad supplier.

As far as uploading pictures, I would love to see them. There is a new beta version photo gallery where you can upload multiple pics, they can be uploaded 10 at a time or you can load from URL. I hope you might have a moment to try it. If you have only a few pictures to upload, probably the regular forum 'add an attachment' is the best option.

There is a tutorial on how to use the picture gallery here:
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