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Re: discrimination

Postby Roger Ramjet » Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:42 pm

The scientific studies you quoted from are flawed and were produced by the tobacco industry as a "smoke screen" to confuse the Thai doctors who were taught that all people who smoke die through it, no matter what the cause and so the Thai figure is actually 96%. The Thais have a number of boxes marked on the death certificate and any "hits" in those boxes they must write "died through smoking", it doesn't matter if the poor bugger was hit by a car, run over by a train, shot, stabbed, etc, it all falls under smoking related. EG He smoked!
A prime example is my absolutely clear, but elongated lungs (which was caused by a diving accident when just 20 years old) or so my Army medical files state. The young Thai medical doctor looked at the x-ray, smirked to the nurses, asked if I smoked and then, when I said yes, drew a picture of a normal lung, not elongated like mine and stated that smoking was the cause. I in turn produced a document from the Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs saying it was "war caused" and occurred at the age of 20 years of age and the bill should be sent to them. Now he sat there reading it for what appeared to be 30 minutes and getting redder by the minute (hard for a Thai), then he just walked out and left me sitting there with the bemused nurses. I left shortly after and drove to Bumrungrad to get my usual medication for my back, neck and left shoulder, which is where I should have gone originally. I have never been told to stop/cut back smoking by the doctors at Bumrungrad, they are educated overseas and actually listen to what the patient tells them is wrong, not what the Thai propaganda bureaucracy told them to say. They also know they are going to be well paid for being "diplomatic".
It's all a matter of a lack of real education.
And I know I shouldn't smoke, but try and give up after nearly 50 years when you still enjoy smoking and it's not your lungs you're worried about, is an impossibility not to be considered at this stage. When they cremate me they can write, he died smoking to the last day!
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Re: discrimination

Postby BKKBILL » Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:08 pm

Roger Ramjet wrote:Bill,


I would assume your previous manifesto is for yours truly as it starts with my name.

I don’t recall ever mentioning death and smoking in my comments. Not sure if reading comprehension is related to excessive intake of nicotine possibly there are other causes for this misunderstanding. Although I have been told that all smokers will eventually stop smoking, it seem just a matter of time.

The scientific studies I quoted have nothing to do with a persons lungs normal or elongated such as yours but have to do with ingrown toe nails.

Now if you as a smoker have this particular affliction such as our other member and good friend geordie, also a smoker, the misunderstanding could be explained by you being in that 78.33%.

As you say “when you still enjoy smoking and it's not your lungs” is certainly true , but you should really think of your toes.

Thought your last paragraph very apt as we all will be smoking when cremated. Just not inhaling.
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