Visa run to Vientiane

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Visa run to Vientiane

Postby Sometimewoodworker » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:21 am

I came into Thailand on a visa exempt entry this time so had to buy a ticket out so the airline would let me onboard in Tokyo. I found the cheapest ticket was to Vientiane so got that. I arrived at Wattay International Airport about 2:10 on Tuesday, I had completed the Visa on arrival for me before I left Thailand. I had my picture and $35, luckily I was one of the first 6 people in the queue at the airport.The visa on arrival section is extremely proficient you hand your documents including your passport to the first officer he passes it down it's then typed into the visa sticker and you pay your money and collect your passport, this process took maybe five minutes. I then needed to change some money into local currency though I should've changed more than 300 Baht as the exchange rate at the airport is virtually the same as everywhere else.

By the time I left the airport it was 2:42 this meant that I just missed the shuttle bus and had to wait for the next one which you left at 3:20 this cost a grand total of 15,000 Kip or under 60 Baht.

I took the bus to the central bus station and checking the map it was only about a kilometre to the hotel so I decided to walk it wasn't difficult, easy to find and quite a nice walk.

Stayed at the Doung Pra Seuth hotel (1,647 Baht 2 nights includes breakfast, had breakfast at 6:30






I walked across to the consular section at 7am with 5 people in front of me, gates opened about 7:30 for you to take a seat.

Copies are available at 5 Baht each and there are some people in the consular section who will complete the form for you for a fee. I needed a copy of my last entry and exit stamp from Thailand. Someone near me needed copies of all his visas and stamps.


At 8:30 3 people started checking documents and passing out the above notice (they didn't notice the missing copies, I was asked to show the original pretty marriage cert but not my bank book ), the passports and application and support documents were handed into a consular official. By about 8:50 my number was called and I was told to get the extra copies. 9:10 back in the hotel for second breakfast, very little still left but I got a couple more cups of coffee.

I just noticed the time stamp on the queue number, it was not the time they checked my documents but about an hour earlier.

The passport number showing on the paper is not my complete number just the last few digits
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Re: Visa run to Vientiane

Postby kmanonmaui » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:54 pm

Sometimewoodworker wrote:I found the cheapest ticket was to Vientiane so got that.

Duh! I did a run there once and swore I'd never do it again...but my bad experience was 99% about driving there and dealing with the customs at the bridge. I'll need to try it this way. Thanks for the info/experience!

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