pre-cast columns ? advice needed

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pre-cast columns ? advice needed

Postby motorhomes4sale » Thu Oct 06, 2005 3:02 am

Are pre-cast columns a big no no ?

Are most people advising against using these ?

My wife is wanting to build a single storey house with a lightweight Synthetic sheeting roof in her village next year, will pre-cast columns that are correctly set in deeply dug holes be ok. The reason I ask is because her cousin has just finshed building a house using these so I am sure my wifes father will want to use the same, rather than casting columns on the spot. The guys in the village ( near Sakhon Nakhon ) seemed to making a good of the house, at the time I saw it last year all the columns were up and the metal roof work was on, everything seemed nice and level and straight. Its my mine and my wifes money that will be used to build the house for her mother and father so I want to make sure we dont waste any. Ive done some plans on paper and I am waiting for a computer program to arrive so I can make it a 3D image. I should be able to work out soon how many sq metres of block are needed and how many columns.
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Re: pre-cast columns ? advice needed

Postby jazzman » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:56 pm


This is a very old topic and I'm surprised it didn't get an answer. So for anyone picking up the thread here:

It is perfectly acceptable to use pre-cast columns for a house that will have a lightweight roof.
See our motel project.
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