Eco-House design

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Eco-House design

Postby Nemo » Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:54 pm

When I first thought about the idea of building in Thailand, it seemed obvious that solar panels would be an ace idea... I've since cottoned on to the expense of such things; they don't appear to be genuinely cost effective (i.e.: you don't get a significant return on investment; but they might make you feel good).

With that in mind, and the sense that there's not a lot of wind in Thailand (apart from in online forums! - not this one of course :twisted: :lol: :wink: ) that you can rely on to power much of anything, I wonder whether anyone's looked into water-based systems - microhydro obviously?

I once found a whole site of this feller in southern Chile who was showing how he installed his own microhydro system (including digging a long trench, and making a little power hut) for his offgrid house, using something that looked like one of these turgo turbines: www h-hydro com ...any thoughts?
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Re: Eco-House design

Postby geordie » Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:33 pm

nemo i dont know if you remember but following a joke last week by yourself i belive i
sugested it to nawty even a basic system/second hand car/truck alternator should provide lighting at least without large sums of loot disapearing downriver as it would be a twenty four seven deal for production it woul be worth a play thats for sure as some of the house could be run direct some of it from storage batteries i definately like the idea lets face it , its got potential
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