Building permits

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Building permits

Postby sirineou » Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:30 am

I need some info on whether I would need building permits for the area where I plan to build.
I know I should check with the villager head, but unfortunately I am not there I am in the US at the time., The wife tells me I don't need a permit,
But I would like to independently verify that fact.
Of course I would like input from anyone who has pertinent information, but I would mostly like to hear from Mike Judd because I know he build close to that area, Now I wish I was nicer to him in the "comedy greats" thread :mrgreen:
I posted the same question in TVF hopping the larger audience would give me a specific answer, but so far I am getting general advice,most of it good, but as I said I would like something more specific.
Anyway the property is located in a village 3 km outside the ring road of KKC , name of village is
Ban Non Ruan, here is a picture of the Google earth location the property is indicated by the yellow pin.
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Re: Building permits

Postby Shastadad » Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:14 am

I could never find out if a building permit was required for the issuance of a blue book or not. In my case the building permit was issued by the Na Jomtien Tessaban but the blue book (house registration / address) was issued by the Sattahip Amphur. What I do know is that I was never required to show my building permit since there were no inspections during or after the build. The only thing I had to do was to extend the building permit for an additional year for 20 THB when it expired. When I asked if I had to report when the house was finished I was told that the house registration would automatically cancel the building permit

Your house address should include your tessaban and your amphur since they follow a certain format: Number, street, tessaban, amphur, province, and postal code. Good luck getting the correct information without being here to ask for yourself
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