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Re: Custom made furniture

Postby basjke » Wed May 20, 2015 9:50 pm

Klondyke wrote:
basjke wrote:
Klondyke wrote:
a "solid plank of plywood" is rather confusing. "Solid" is understood always as a real wood, not a plywood.

Such a style of the chest you are showing is in Thailand made always by a solid wood (mostly by teak). However, it needs to be checked whether the wood is properly dried, what the village craftsmen usually do not have.

It surely could be made also by a thick plywood (quite unusual in Thailand), however, not sure about moulded decoration and all the edges details.

I don't know if you are pulling my leg or can't see pictures, but I included a picture of several planks of plywood, only to make clear what I'm talking about.On both sides of the 2 cm plywood they put a layer of 4 mm ( sometimes 6mm) teak ply.

And no these kind of cabinets are not always made in solid teak, in fact the cabinet in the OP is confirmed by the manufacturer that it is teak plywood.I also doubt that it would be solid teak at 15.000 Baht for a cabinet 1.60m x 0.70 x 0.50

I am sorry that I was answering your question, you call it "pulling my leg"?

Your picture shows diferent styles and constructions of plywood, this is not a solid wood, I am sorry.

Anyway, forgive me for your leg, thanks for your questions, it was my pleasure, good luck...

Well it seems that you didn't answer my question, because the manufacturer of the cabinet in the OP says that it isn't solid. You think he's lying to his own disadvantage?

Now if you start nitpicking if a plywood plank, of which I posted a picture to clarify what I mean, is solid or not I indeed consider that you're pulling my leg.

You will know that not everyones native language is English, but if you prefer we can continue the conversation in my native language.
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Re: Custom made furniture

Postby basjke » Wed May 20, 2015 9:58 pm

Sometimewoodworker wrote:
basjke wrote:
Sometimewoodworker wrote:
I am talking from the viewpoint of someone who makes the stuff not from a copywriter on a website.

Mate, I have been to the shop and spoken with the owner. I have a desk at my home which has the same style doors, with the raised panel, and behind the panel is hollow.

So then you have your own answers. Do you feel that the doors are solid enough? If so then don't pay extra. If not then pay the extra.

I would be interested to see the construction methods.

Actually not, because I'm not a woodworker, so my impression can be totally wrong.

I have made clear from the first post that the product is constructed out of plywood, and my question is that if I should replace the skelet with a plywood plank from 2 cm thick, if it would improve the quality.

With value I don't mean resale value as I don't have intention to resell the cabinet.
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Re: Custom made furniture

Postby Sometimewoodworker » Wed May 20, 2015 10:12 pm

Well yes you do have your answers if you re read my posts. I've already told you how I would make it.

And as you already have an example, you have to decide if it's good enough. If not then use "solid plywood"

Thai construction is cheaper in materials.
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