Land of the smile..... my ass.

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Re: Land of the smile..... my ass.

Postby sirineou » Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:17 am

Mike Judd wrote:Well it is Heart warming to hear that other's feel the same way about one's freedom, that unfortunately is being slowly eroded in most western nations. Thailand has it's own problems of course but I just hope they don't go down the same road as the so called west as they try to solve them. I have visited the U.S. many times but haven't lived there, but have listened to the likes of Ron Paul and Jessy Ventura go on about how the peoples Bill of Rights is being eroded from under them by both parties. They seem to make a lot of sense to me but the Big Corporations will see to it that they are ignored. I could be wrong as only former citizens would really know.

Corporations are a great danger to man kind.
Here in the US the supreme court has declared corporations as having the same rights as an individual person,
How is that possible? Corporations are different than persons in many ways. Corporations don't have a conscience,no morality , no emotions, no loyalty, no patriotism. a CEO of a corporation will steer the corporation toward maximum profitability, often at the detriment of the country, if he does not either the competition will put that corporation out of business by an other corporation with out these sensibilities , or he will be replaced by an other CEO who will do what it takes to steer the corporation on the path of maximum profitability.
But one final paramount difference is that corporations are not mortal.
A bad person can be evil, but eventually will die, but a corporation can live for ever.
Can you imagine a person that could live for ever,how can you guard against such a person?
So how can mortal people and immortal corporations have the same rights?
Unless corporations are , some how brought under control or the corporate structure eliminated, I fear we will eventual be governed by them, and the only religion would be all mighty profit.
I like Thailand the way it is now, we are lucky to be here now, enjoy it, and don't complain,I fear it might not last long,and we could be telling stories of " remember when" as my father was telling me incredible stories of when he was a kid.
As for me Thailand has given me a new lease on life, and chance to travel back in time and play it again.

Thailand, family, nice people , good food, pretty girls, and still some adventure left.
No Complains from me.
I talk to my self because I am the only one who will listen
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Re: Land of the smile..... my ass.

Postby Baanguru » Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:15 pm

The comments here are too harsh and disappointing too. Let's give the benefit of the doubt to people who are native of Thailand and the ones who aren't. Most of my colleagues are Thai and most of them are the nicest, however you will still find those that are rude and very distant.
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