"Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:44 pm

Chapter 14 day 32+33 contd

Last task wasn’t planned but I noticed again that one of the floor joists had been packed up in the past by 20mm; or rather the floor board needed supporting from the floor joist.

The termites had eaten the packer and of course the floorboards above are springing.

I couldn’t just slide another thin timber strip in as there were a lot of nails which were fixing 4 board ends originally so I scavenged for some old wood, ripped it in half and screwed them both sides of the joist to carry the boards.






That small task took me a good 90 minutes as using a spanner to turn in the coach screws was a long slow task.

Wasu had a further conversation with her sister about her husband coming over to give me some help. It seems he is up for it and whilst I thought 3 days hence would be better for me, Wasu thought in 3 days I may have made some progress on the job he is coming to help with so a sooner trip was preferred. :roll:

He is getting on the bus tonight and he may be with us a week. I went to their wedding 2 years ago but I don’t even know his name. :shock:

Then she said he used to work for a welder; :lol: :lol: well I will believe that when I see it but I hope he is capable because I would rather be doing the measuring and cutting than him.

Its gonna be a trial for me I can tell you. From memory he speaks no words of English so my phrase book, pencil and drawing book will out again.

"oh can you call at the spa sometime please the microwave doesnt work"

more bloody expense.....

" whats wrong with it?"

"I dont know"

Well taking a look at it would give a clue :shock:


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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:28 pm

Chapter 14 day 34

We both collected “dTee” from the bus station this morning. He is a very quiet lad and doesn’t speak one word of English but he smiles. :)

Our first task today was to fix the two steels I had cut a couple of days ago. I had already prepared them with holes so I thought two pairs of hands would have them fixed in no time. :roll:

It wasn’t as easy as that. My screws were long enough but a bit short to get the driver seated on them well and those joists were pretty hard they needed piloting first but that was even more buggeration finding drills long enough. :(

Then the battery drill power died and the electric drill was just too fast. :(

I had some coach screws like I used yesterday on the timber bearers but a couple cm short really. As with all jobs though, eventually you see your way to the end satisfactorily but again, you plan on the easiest route and it ends up being the longest route. :roll:

In the afternoon we really motored on fixing the steel wall framing. Tee certainly knows his way around welding and is more proficient than me for sure. So I accept it was probably true he worked for a welder previously. :)

I was marking out, plumbing up and cutting the steel and he was burning it together. Very little conversation went on. I heard him humming along to some Thai music and I was doing some talking as you do but realize you are talking to yourself. :lol:



A good day, we sorted out 2 days work according to the other steel man and my own diy timing so tomorrow should see progress around the patio door area.; though I do have a 90 day report to do tomorrow afternoon.
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:46 pm

Chapter 14 day 35

Today we set out the framing around the old toilet door and the new patio door. Plumbing everything up really did emphasise how much the new bathroom extension was out of plumb.


About a 60mm lean over 2.4m height. I said to Wasu that I bet they built the wooden house then realized when they got to the upperfloor they couldn’t fit the column shutters in but more likely they didn’t check any plumbing lines and followed a slight incline of the old house.

To get the patio steelwork in we had to remove the window which was falling out anyway but the priority was to get the steel in place to prop the roof before the window came out.





I decided to buy a few insulation rolls. I got some 75mm mineral fibre which was going to be a nice tight fit behind the steelwork on the back wall. Its certainly not going to slide down but I think a few screws will not go amiss either.


My assistant is great; we don’t speak a word to each other all day other than me often asking where the tape is or the hammer and he has already taken up my stance of not eating all day until 5.30, no breaks…well he does have a couple of half a ciggy breaks but that’s all.

I had to shoot off to do a 90 day report so I would be away for an hour and left Tee with the task of fitting the insulation to the new wall and a few other small tasks.


I ended up buying 3 rolls more than I need. Well I decided to buy two for the roof and a spare just in case. Sadly after climbing up into the roof to inspect the timbers and the access, there is no way I could roll out any insulation. :(

There is simply too much timber in such a tight space. So I bought 4 and have 3 left over. :oops:

That’s not good quantity surveying.!!
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:46 pm

Chapter 14 day 36

A structural steel day today. The lean on the extension is such that it worries me and there is a tapered gap to close up between the extension and the patio framing. I decided to tie some steel to the extension, plumbed of course and then tied it back to the new framing steel.


No one will be able to tell from the outside eventually but inside is a different story as I found when closing up the boxing around the consumer unit.


Next task was to remove the termite ridden boxing beam that’s underneath the main truss and replace it with some 100x50 steels that I had left over from years ago. A second steel adjacent to it will underpin the top of the rafters currently supported by a 30% eaten timber beam.

There isn’t any point taking the old wood out as its still doing a job but the new steel is back up.

We used the same straps I made for the rafters and bolted two of them together into the old tree post; and then measured for the steel, not easy when the tree post is sloping 15mm over 100mm height.

After three return visits to the cutting saw and a further one with the hand grinder we eventually got the beam into position and burned. :)

The second beam much more straightforward but hard work nevertheless.



Next task, I bought some 40x40 angle iron to fit under the long purlin beam which has been eaten in part and severely around the point where two joined pieces of timber meet.

So, the angle was drilled 6 times underneath and 6 along the sides. It fit nice and snug as the purlin was quite remarkably straight, so, very happy with that one. :D


Final task of the day was to set out the wardrobe. Dropping plumb lines down and trying to tie the steel into the purlin but maintaining a 600mm internal wardrobe depth and also trying to get it lined up the closing out one of the windows.

I will block up the first window sash and leave the other two in use so I have to do something clever to disguise the fact that the wardrobe has a big window in it.


So four vertical studs in position and now I need to find a door frame before I can frame out more accurately. :)
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:29 pm

Chapter 14 day 37

All the steelwork is done now inside bar a few noggins and Wasu has a welding job planned for us at the spa tomorrow.

So todays job is to progress the outside props, and walkway canopy. :)

Just three steel props with gallows brackets and then fix 10 lengths of 50x25 as the deck

We cut three steels for the posts and burned an anchor to the base. My idea not to waste concrete that I don’t have was to set the posts in paint tub pads.


We dug three pits just enough to sink a 9 litre tub and set them up so the post sits nicely in the middle.



With the steel burned at the top and hanging perp each bucket was filled with concrete. Perfect but you have to remember to make sure you pack well the earth back around the bucket or it could just slide about…..if kicked hard


A simple 45 degree gallows bracket to finish and then the 50x25 steel walkway on top.




I needed to prepare some tubing steel for tomorrows job at the spa so I left my assistant burning the walkway on and giving it a protective primer coat.

On the way we called at the patio door mans place and arranged for him to come and measure up to fit a new patio door. He did call a few hours later, price agreed and we now await his fitting day in 5 days time.

That meeting made me think a bit more about the door size. I had already framed out for 1600x2100 but on reflection it didn’t need to be so high; a height that meant you could see more of the underside of the roof than necessary and proportionately I decided to drop it to same height as the bathroom door on the same elevation at 2m high.

For some reason; probably farang betterment I opted for a 1.5 guage frame previously whereas 1.2 is the standard. I am using 1.2 steel throughout so what the hell.

I only decided because the 1.5 needed to be ordered but he had 1.2 already at his workshop and believe it or not it saved me 1000bt. So metal patio set including the green energy glass 2mx1.6m for 6700bt fitted.
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:07 pm

Chapter 14 day 38

The job at the spa today was a job Wasu has been asking me to do for 4 years! One of those “round tuit” jobs that I promised to get for her.
Our Thai massage room was configured for three massage mats, quite generous areas but not too long after we opened we needed to accommodate 4 or even 5 in that room so with a “friendly” group the curtain divisions were not a problem but Wasu has had some times where it has been awkward as we have had 4 mats set up pretty much for 4 years.

The job was to re assemble the curtain rails from 3 partitions into 4. I kept making excuses that it was difficult to drill the concrete beam, or the steel was too long, or my friend Thong was not around to help.

The real problem was the concrete beams. I remember trying to drill them before just to fix coat hooks. :roll:

Today was no different, none of my drills can get through it. its either chokka blok with rebar or it’s the hardest concrete in the world. :(

Today was no different. I prepared 3 new steel plates similar to the ones I fixed to my rafters and the idea was to cut out the existing two rails and move them further apart and fit a new rail in the middle, so we had 4 cubicles of 1.2m each.

It should have been a 2 hour job so we arrived at 9am and hoped to be done before customers started arriving.

6 screws to fix that’s all, but our luck would only see one screw in each holding fast. We were changing drills so often, tightening the chuck every 20 seconds, head scratching, swearing and losing energy in the process.....well I was :wink:

Plan B was to turn the plates vertically to see if we could find a another fixing position. We were lucky. 2 hours later we got the 6 screws fixed but still had to weld an extra plate to hold one of them tight.

No further problems but we finished up at 1pm and Wasu was stressing a bit to get us cleared up and out of the way. The room was full of tools, all the curtains had been removed, the mats were piled up and as we left the three girls were quickly trying to put everything back together.

Now she needs to make a new curtain after she has borrowed one from the top spa room.

After another 1 hour traffic jam tour in the car to get to the bus station for a ticket in 2 days time then we returned home and just used up the final dregs of the steel on a few noggins around the wardrobe area and we lowered the patio door head.



I have literally used up every piece of steel, just a few really short pieces left but that’s what I call good quantity surveying 30 lengths of new and a couple of the old scaffold steels.

Actually I am going to need another length of something when I get the wardrobe door frame. I have just left an 830 opening at the moment.

So I have my assistant for another 2 days but really the job is done so I need to find something to do for 2 days. Tree cutting is one option and he still has the underside of the outside steel to paint. I could go and buy some brown paint , that'll keep him going.



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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:31 pm

Chapter 14 day 39

Circumstances at home with Wasus mum have lead to this being the last day I will have an assistant.
6 days was perfect really and we managed to get everything I wanted to achieve completed plus a couple of jobs for the spa and some garden work.

Wasus mum incidently had been having stomach pains yet again and a visit to the clinic had her subsequently booked into the hospital in a couple of days time so that means my assistant needs to help at home with the land and the children. :(

I was up early an in Global buying a small amount of primer we needed to complete the outside steelwork and at the same time, I bought a gallon of brown enamel.

That’s a job for both of us, get the steel work painted and finished. That job then run over into me painting all the decking steel that had never had a top coat applied last year.

We really were down to the bones of the steel, apart from tiny bits leftover I had a 4m length of 33x33 square that I bought by mistake but in the end didn’t need it until Wasu asked if I could make her a steel stand to carry a bowl of water with floating flowers or candles at the spa of course. :roll:

This steel was perfect; she just needed it with 4 legs and approx 30x30 for a bowl to sit in.

After cutting the steel pieces and setting it up in the sash cramps I let khun Tee spend the next couple of hours burning all the components together, grinding everything smooth then primer them brown enamel. All finished and looks good. :)

I think Wasu will wrap some thick string around some parts to fashion it up a bit.

Final job of the day and the week, tree cutting. I usually take advantage of other people while they are here just to trim the neighbour trees. Thais are generally not safety conscious and will climb trees barefoot without thinking about the possible hazards. :wink:

I could also swiftly climb the trees but age and experience tell me its not worth it to risk ones self…..and I prefer not to be attacked by ants.

But my assistant was different, :shock: he wasn’t a tree climber and didn’t want even to go up a ladder so we just did our best with the long tree saw.

Its been a good week. My assistant was excellent and I am not saying that because he is family, he is actually the best worker I have had and I am surprised he cannot get himself a steel work and welding job somewhere.

We agreed 500 a day prior to him coming plus we would pay for the bus fares because we didn’t know his real ability and his character.
I decided to round it to 4k for the 6 days plus 1k as a bonus because he was working from 8.30 until 5; no breaks, a proper day; and because he was living with us, there was no chance of late arrivals, no shows, excuses, leaving early, two hour lunch breaks like every other chancer I have had before telling them “don’t come Monday” :roll:

Reflecting back to the steel worker we spoke to last week. He wanted 15k baht to do the steel inside the house, that’s all, we didn’t even mention the outside steel props and walkway and he expected it to take 6 days. :shock:

Well in 6 days we have achieved twice as much easily I would say.

Next task is going to need good luck….I am ready for the wardrobe door and frame and I have to go and find one from the timber yards. The chances of me dropping lucky with khun Aey are slim but I need to try asap.

I also have a task with the electrics sockets, where to relocate and what to add, and then there is the aircon, where and when and of course in 2 days the patio door is coming so that’s going to close up the 2.4mx2.4m hole in the back of the house.

Lots to think about but I need to keep going, I have gained 4 days on my working programme this week so I cant afford to let them slip.


I had a few words of encouragement from my son who had already arranged to come and visit me in about 10 weeks time. It was only after he had confirmed his world travel plans that I said I can finish the pond first then re decorate and tidy up the old house.
It was then that the termite destruction was found.

He said don’t worry dad if its not finished I am quite sure between now and when I visit that I will be staying in far worse places....its what you do as a backpacker.

I did tell him that I have bought a tent, just in case………which I really do have :)
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:08 pm

Chapter 14 day 40

I went on the search for a wardrobe door today. :)

I called at khun Aeys yard first of all but he didn’t have anything. Well he did, but they were marked up sold already. :(

However he did tell me he has another house coming in four days so I need to be there early to catch the worm.

I decided to pay a visit all the other 20 wood yards in the same village but it wasn’t until I called at the final yard on my way home that I found two potentials.

I have an opening of 820mm to play with; height anything upto 2300. I spotted what looked perfect and on closer inspection it was 700 wide and 2100 high because it had a small fanlight. Ok it didn’t have much character though it didn’t need to have and the fanlight was quirky and I could/will put coloured glass in it.

1 (6).jpg

They had a second set of doors also, this time 830 wide and 1850 high. Even better for a wardrobe door albeit the width was 10mm wider than my opening, and this one was teak.

1 (7).jpg

Getting a price out of them was like getting blood from a stone. The family there, and yes there was old mum and dad in their 60s, the grand daughter with an iphone and a baby in a playpen but it was apparent they new nothing about prices…whats the point. :?: :roll:

It was a phone call somewhere by the young girl who had to relay the photos of the two doors by “line” and of course the word farang I am sure was completely unhelpful to me.

The price was the same for both doors 3500bt; but I am sure the narrow doors were 2500 on listening in. Secondhand doors are expensive; often knackered beyond repair; the frames riddled with termite damage and yet I can buy brand new door and frame for the same price and half price in HDF.

I am tempted to take the teak door, maybe both but I am also wanting to wait to see what khun Aey gets in as his gear is always top quality. And I want to do a deal with him whereby I can do a part exchange.

I have the old window I removed that based on dozens of similar I have seen today is valued circa 2500-4500 baht.


I am quite happy to let him have it for 1500 discount off the price of the door if I buy and he delivers and collects of course.

My afternoon was spent buying new plug sockets, back boxes and metal plasterboard rails.

The sockets we have already are big bulky ones and look a mess so I will add two new sockets at the bed head area and another three sets including a tv aerial on the opposite wall so we can lose all the others.

I needed also about 25 lengths of metal rails for plasterboard and the teak cladding knowing full well I cannot get a 4m length in the car. :(

So I called at the yard with my tin snips and bought 20 lengths and proceeded to cut them all in half, by the time I had cut 5 I had four lads standing over me and watching. :lol:
I cant imagine what they were thinking….probably that they had never seen anyone buy rails and cut them; or maybe come and look at his “fatmax” tin snips.

They then mucked up the operation big style by all attempting to help tie up the two bundles.

I watched them now,..... making a complete Horlicks of tying them together and actually arguing with each other.

I was more anxious to take them away from them as it was likely the car would be scratched to kcuf. :roll:
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:24 pm

Chapter 14 day 41

At breakfast time two sparkies arrived. :shock:
Wasu had organized them because I was having a bit of a moan yesterday about how to rewire the house and that I cant do it. I didn’t expect her to take me seriously, I was playing with her but when she told me the electrician was coming at 8.30 I asked why?

“ah no problem but I think I can do it myself but lets just see how much he wants”

I briefed Wasu to ask them to quote for just wiring up the 5 new sockets and disconnecting the 4 old ones. Move a bank of switches from one face of the tree post to another and possibly wire up for the aircon which I think would be done by the aircon installer.





When he arrived he could see I was already first fixing the electrics and I had all the conduit there in the room yet his rounded up price was a simple 250bt per socket plus 400bt for the aircon.


"Ask him what he will do for 400bt for the aircon as I just said I will install all the conduits and draw wires myself."

“its for the cable”

“oh; well 4mm cable is only 14bt/m and 2.5mm is only 9bt/m if I buy it off the roll and the aircon is only 5m away……..anyway no problem. So he wants 1250bt for the sockets?”

I am quite sure I can rewire all this again without even going back into the consumer unit as I have a bag full of junction boxes leftover from previously.

“tell him thank you and we will give him the couple of days notice required after I have finished the metal railing work.”

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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:32 pm

Chapter 14 day 41 contd

Some good progress today. I started nice and early cutting and fixing the metal pattresses for the 5 double sockets. I have set the sockets just above the height of the bedside cabinets something I should have done with ours; instead of behind the cabinets.

Following on from that I proceeded to cut and fix the support rails for my plasterboard and teak cladding. It going to easier to screw into the metal rail than the 2x1 steelwork that’s a given.



Mid morning my patio door man arrived. Frame all prepared, doors prepared so they just had to fit it into the opening that we had made after they measured!!

It fitted perfectly, t.f.f.t!! :D





I asked them to set a reveal of 10 mm internally for the plasterboard and 15mm externally to suit the timber cladding I will fit. I asked for a low profile sill on this frame since it was sitting on the original floor and, as I didn’t want the upstand to create a tripping hazard.

They finished their job in an hour or so, my only final change request was the door bumpers. On our door they are at the bottom and out of the way, but today they were like rubber cones at handle level and sticking out 35mm. pedantic maybe but I don’t like them so they will change tomorrow.

On the plus side, the lock is better, the keys are bigger and more robust but generally I am pleased with the door and pleased with what I have done today. :)
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:36 pm

Chapter 14 day 42

Both myself and Wasu were up early this morning to be away and the first to arrive at Khun Aeys woodyard to catch the worms.

However his new house arrival was pretty disappointing and he had no doors for us to select. :(

Well so be it; he did point us in the direction of another yard that stocked doors just a few hundred metres away which had some nice doors but they were unsuitable for what we needed.

I still had the set of doors as a back up that I saw the other day though. We stopped at another yard. A place I have been to a few times before when I was on the hunt for cladding and the elderly couple who live there are very nice but their cladding was very expensive I recall.

Today we spotted a lovely set of doors and just the perfect size…when I say perfect I mean exactly to the size I have +/- 5mm. a small fanlight on the top so it made the frame quite nice; and it was teak, price 3k

We had also talked ourselves into removing the old bathroom door, which is one of those nasty plastic ones but because of the lean on the extension the door opens and slams into the wall at speed!

Plumbing up all the steel and of course the new patio door is new really emphasizing the fact that the bathroom appears to be (and could be!) falling away so we thought, ok extra buggeration but if we can get a bathroom door similar to the wardrobe door then the style will be in keeping with everything else

He had a second set of doors again teak but not in as great a condition and wanted 2.5k for them. :shock:


After some deliberation we said we were going to look at another place for the other door but we will return as we wanted the first set of doors.

We arrived at the other yard and our attention drifted away from the two sets of doors I had my eyes on before. Now that these doors can be slightly bigger if necessary we had more options and in the end we were choosing between 3 sets. :)

We bought another set of teak doors 3.5k and a bit wider; well 20cm wider than the existing bathroom door and it looks like I will have to reverse the doors as the mouldings indicate there is a front and a back.

More buggeration as I said because I have used up all my steel apart from bits and an old length of 4x2.

This new door will need to be framed out, something to fix it to but its going to happen, I will be trying to refit these two sets of doors in the next couple of days.

This afternoon I continued with the metal framing supports around the walls. I have completed the wardrobe area and gone around the peak again and framed out the purlins. Its coming together slowly but I have taken a step back for a couple of days as I am still feeling the fatigue of a week of steelwork.





I emptied the pond about 10 days ago really to allow it to dry out before I tile the bottom but I had this thought that the leak was in the pump sump, which I tiled.

Today on our trip out I decided to fill the sump just to check. On our return 4 hours later the water level was down 50mm so yes the sump is leaking and I suspects it is through the piece of wood that’s stuck in there. :(

So before I go to the pain of tiling the bottom I will just try to fit one tile over the piece of wood and see what difference it makes.

And finally a plug for good service. We only ordered two sets of doors this morning from two different places and they were both delivered separately by late afternoon. Really happy for that as I can make a start stripping them and fitting them tomorrow. :)


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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:49 pm

Chapter 14 day 43

After a few days of aching fingers following all the tin snipping and with two pairs of doors awaiting installation I thought I would bat on with the wardrobe frame.

After measuring it I was quite sure it would fit at the bottom but maybe 5mm tight at the top but after trimming the old horns I offered the frame into my steel opening.

With a gentle tap with the hammer I was so happy that it couldn’t have been a better fit. In fact it was a tight as a Yorkshireman with Scottish blood. :wink:


How we managed to come across a pair of doors that were exactly the same is beyond me. :shock:

So a bit of setting out, checking levels and finally 5 screws down each leg; not that they need screws.


Next task was to build up a floor inside so for that I salvaged 3 offcuts from the old floorboards; sanded them clean and cut them to length.



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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:59 pm

Chapter 14 day 43 contd


After fitting a mid span steel support I screwed the boards onto the steel floor bearers.

The final board needed to be trimmed to suit a threshold and that is my next task.

Again my wood pile is coming in useful. I found part of the old handrail that was at the top of the very original stairs.

Since then its been blathered in concrete but it will clean up. It was a bit too wide so I ripped it from 100mm to 70mm and then sanded it.


I was surprised to see that under the concrete splats and that dirty orange woodstain that it was a nice piece of teak.


Threshold cut, sanded and then I screwed it to the steel floor bearer. This threshold is really acting as a door stop.


Final board inside can be trimmed to suit and screwed down. A final sanding over the three boards just to smooth down any transitions. Job done and pleased with how it went. :)


The next set of doors will not be easy. They need handing really which involves removing the doors and recutting the hinges and then I have to make a new steel frame to trim this one out.

That’s tomorrows task though.
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:26 pm

Chapter 14 day 44

In order to fit the bathroom doors I really needed to do some scouting about for spare steel. I needed 2 lengths of 2m to fit the door jambs to and 1.3m across the bottom.

I did have a nice piece of rosewood but I had set that aside for another handrail so I decided not to butcher that one. Steel is ok, I simply have to hide it as I did with the wardrobe set yesterday.

With one 6m length of 4x2 steel leftover, rusting away from 2 years ago I cut two new jambs and I could only salvage a couple of short lengths of 3x2 steel for the bottom.


Out with the welder again, this time I am having a go. After watching my assistant for a week I have picked up a couple of tips; one of which was the temperature he had it set to.

In the past I always had it set at around 75 and maybe this was a reason my welding was just tish. He was really motoring setting at 105 and it seemed a breeze for him

I kept it at the same setting and my first task was to join two pieces together. It seemed to go great, dead easy and job done.


After trimming to length I screwed it to the floor and tried my luck again burning the ends to the existing steel.
Hmm; not quite so easy this time??? :roll:

The doors were already strapped together as a composite, so it made complete sense to keep them insitu until I have fixed them. Removing the doors now and the frame will be difficult to keep flat and manageable.

Heavy but after setting the doors free standing in position it was easy to then tap the steel jambs upto the frame and then burn them into position.



Again I didn’t have many joints to burn but I used some old angle iron at the bottom to make life easier however it was slow but I got there without burning the house down.

A final two short noggins and then it was time to fix the door set.

The doors had been fixed into a timber frame previously but I really don’t see why they needed to use 25 big nails when 4 each side would have sufficed. :roll:

It took me half an hour to remove all the nails this morning.

With 25 holes to choose from, I think I drilled 8 new holes and used 4 holes for my screws.
6 screws per leg is more than sufficient on a small set of doors. 8 screws per leg in pairs was the standard for internal and external doors on my building sites.

I used a 75mm self tapper in the meat of the frame and a 50mm in the rebate.



Fitting the frame was much easier than I thought because the doors were already hung but I now need to remove the doors as they are the wrong way around.

Wrong way around in that the panels are moulded only on one side and I wasn’t in luck; the nice moulding pattern was facing the bathroom and not the bedroom.

I removed the doors with a bit of difficulty. I had hoped to just unscrew them but whoever had fitted the hinges had used the softest crappiest screws so that when they tightened up at torque, it was obvious, the electric driver had stripped every pozi head…..unless they were very security conscious (25 nails?) and decided to scutch out every screw head to stop someone like me removing the hinges.


So I need new hinges now after chiseling out every screw, but the good news is, the doors are so thin the hinges are already cut and I should just be able to make the left door, the right door and vice versa.

I gave the doors a quick wire brushclean and will go on the hunt for spare hinges tomorrow. I may have a spare pair, but I need 2 pair
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:33 pm

Chapter 14 day 45

Wasu set me on with making a small sign for the spa. :roll: Its all to do with some new health authority standards.

I am not joking but we go through hoops here to make it look like the massage and spa places are regulated and strict.

We have of course followed the rules and achieved the standards to get our approved certificate every 2 years but now they are going further. :(

One requirement now is a fire alarm… :shock: ...exactly, how many buildings, even condos and dormitories, guest houses..have fire alarms. :?:
Next time they will want a fire escape ladder attaching to the side of the building.

Theres a rule about the big signs you see on shop fronts, businesses whereby if they are written in English text they must have the same word written in Thai but much smaller in the top corner, otherwise you are in for a tax hit :?

Well now the rule is that the Thai lettering (for massage.spas) must be bigger than the English lettering.

I was playing hardball with Wasu telling her we are not changing our road sign because no one else has done so.

After a proper tantrum at that time of the month :x whereby my stubbornness had disrupted her schedule completely I decided to drive around our Nimman area and look at the signs on every massage and spa.

That meant stopping the bike every 30 seconds of course. :lol:

I did realize that no one had actually conformed to Wasus alleged new rule so why should we be the first? Bollox to that.

A further consultation with the Health Authority staff to see how those rules can be bent/applied with least cost ended up with us being able to have stickers applied to the glass door or we can make a new small sign outside in our welcome area.

So she ordered some wood letters….in English we have 16 letters but in Thai it seems we have 27.


She wanted a board 90x70 so I decided to use two of my teak cladding boards.


Cut to length and then made three fixing bearers at the back to hold them all together. Simply nailed and then had to use the grinder to cut off the nail at the back as they were too long!!!




Gave it another sanding over to smooth the ridges between the boards then I gave it a couple coats of clear stain which has darkened it significantly. When Wasu sets out the letters again for me I will glue them in place.


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