"Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:07 pm

Chapter 14 update part 4 contd

My piece of art was also nearing completion. After tidying up any sharp edges with the grinder I painted the steel with red oxide then sprayed it with black paint.




This also took 2 or 3 coats but it dried quickly and I followed up by staining the whole tree log again. Job done and tomorrow I can carry it onto one of the deckings to see where it stands best.



Mr flashy pants gutter man came back to us a few days ago after I was already commenting that this guy probably doesn’t want to do this job.

He seemed to have changed the goalposts. When he visited us, he didn’t take out a tape measure or make notes, a photo nothing yet his phone call to Wasu was basically that he now wants to re use the existing fallpipe and simply turn it over.

Well that simply wouldn’t have worked otherwise that would have been suggested when he came. So for butchering the old pipes he wanted 1000k. F>R>O :shock:

He could have said 200bt and my answer to Wasu would have been the same. I decided last week he was clueless

“tell him thanks but no, he wants a lot of money because he is allowing 4 hours for thinking time and I have done all that for him” :roll:

She then went on to find another team. This was an unusual team. The young lad barely 20, tall, good looking, a bit of something about him and he was driving.
Then an older guy, very dark skinned, reminded me of the Cambodian plasterers we had. Wearing a hairstyle I used to sport in the 70s, quite long, layered at the sides, a bit of a flick but said nothing, not a work just looked and acted dumb.

I think i was biased against him because I still wanted that hairstyle again....no chance

The young lad was the man; even Wasu commented it was unusual and nice to see a youngster with a trade.

He measured up and looked, scratched his head with us and together we came up with a couple of solutions and discarded a couple more. It was a productive discussion and in the end we agreed that this short transition from the gutter into the main fallpipe could be done with a 4 inch pipe. The bends could be tighter and it allowed for it to be potentially hidden on the verge board (eventually)

For two of them they wanted 1500bt and we agreed to get it over and done with.

They did some prep work in their workshop first before coming to spend about 3,5hours on this job.



Instead of patching up the old hole they cut out a 600mm section and refitted a new one back and cut out the hole to suit a 4 inch in the side.

It didn’t all go as planned and I did intervene a couple of times to have them change the drop angle. Had I caught them sooner I would have had them use a packer to keeo the pipe parallel to the bargeboard and I wasn’t happy at all with the drop into the 5 inch pipe. It should have been a hopper or a sealed reducer at least.

However I let it drop :wink: . They were keen to get away without a water test but I stopped that idea and three 20 litre buckets of water later plus two sealed leaks and another half an hour and job was done.

I still have some fettling to do to disguise the pipe from the patio door side but its no biggy.

Wasu hasn’t been idle; she has been to order some material to make a curtain for our bedroom patio door. I always knew we would need some screen but I thought a voile net or some kind. I am so used to parading outside every morning swinging the meat and two veg knowing full well it was private enough, but now with “guests” having their own backdoor its gonna be life changing for me. :(

She has made a curtain and I have fixed a curtain rail.


She also ordered some quality sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover and towels. A few extra for our ourselves but we spent almost 10k on what is basically 3 sets. I hope this homestay idea gets some payback because I am getting skinter by the day. :(

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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:59 pm

Chapter 14 update part 5

I have made a start tidying the building site debris at the front.

The parking area is not the next project but I certainly want to be on with it within 4 months. With that in mind I have broken up all the old blocks and concrete and tiles and started filling up the low areas.
Wasu has been salvaging every old nail and taking them to the scrap man. The car was full including 100 Chang beer bottles which I seem to accumulate very very quickly. :roll:

I have really decimated the mango tree; I was going to cut it right down to knee height but after reducing it by half that corner was looking pretty open and vulnerable.


I have the intention of building a single carport close to this corner but I really need to see how a structure affects the view of the house.


I do the same when it comes to planning tree positions. Everything needs to be balanced and partial obscurity is important to achieve the final look.

I also want to make it a very simple carport, no legs, just cantilevers. Steel is the answer but steel is not my look so I already have a couple or three sketch designs that need to be in keeping with what we already have.

I fixed a 3 board timber downstand under the new fallpipe, and stained it up and followed up by painting the pipe the same brown as we used on the ceilings and other fascias. Its not great but it achieves its purpose, that of discharging water but not being too obtrusive for guests exiting through the patio door.


It looks like the next project will be doing bits at the spa but then my tool shed seems to have been turned into Wasus fashion factory!!

Its only 2.5mx2,5m and she thinks she can have half, and I can have half. :shock: She wants a workbench and a window and I have loads of tools, a bike plus maybe two more bikes for the guests bike riding. I hope she doesn’t want the walls plastering and doesn’t mind sitting next to the tank and pump.

1 (2).jpg

On December 20th I was at the airport awaiting the arrival of my youngest son. He had already been on his backpacking travels for over 500 days by the time he arrived in Chiang mai. The last time I saw him was when myself and Wasu went beck to England which was June 2016

The house was finished and all fitted out for him. I was certainly happy that I didn’t have to get the tent out for him, although he told me he has stayed in far worse places recently.

He stayed with us for 26 days before heading out to Chiang Rai and then his next destination Laos but in those 26 days we had a great time.

I actually went around exploring Chiang Mai and its environs again, something I haven’t done for over 2 years, well since the house build started.

We went on a couple of mountain hikes and a few motorbike tours plus all the local touristy bits and pieces and of course we had a few beer sessions and along the way.

Its been a great bonding time for me, without the stresses of a daily diy regime although when he headed off to Pai for 3 days over the new year I saw an opportunity to start the refurbishment of the spa frontage area. :lol:

At the spa we had a termite problem aswell. The old wooden fascia was slowly being eaten away and causing the gutter to collapse. The soffit boards were strips of timber and they too were suffering around the nail fixings. The pediment roof peak was letting in water because it was being eaten away so I ended up replacing the bargeboards with some 2 year old spare dura board I had at home.

However I had to give up on the replacement soffit and fascia and gutter job because I suffered a serious back injury whilst moving the heavy bowl of water we have in a clay pot outside. My back popped and have been struggling to walk for the 21 days since the accident.

Accidents have been a bit of a curse at the spa.

A few days after my back injury Wasu was crossing the road near the spa and was run down by a motorbike. :cry:
She sufferered head, legs and arm injuries and has sustained a nasty gouge just above her eye that required 8 sutures.

It was a tea time so the accident occurred in front of the police directing the traffic, she was taken to the hospital by ambulance with no recollection of what happened. :shock:

We are obviously grateful to be covered by insurance as we both spent the night in a private room in the hospital.

Its 3 weeks since her accident and she struggles to walk now and has not been on her bike or driven the car as her fears have the better of her.

I set our new gutter man on to replace the ceiling and gutter at the spa, I didn’t like having to fork out 8k but there were two of them and they could get the job done much quicker than me; plus I really didn’t want to do that job loading up with tools every day.

We are both still a couple of weeks away from being fit enough to move onto the next project which is going to be the toolshed/fashion factory at the back and under the decking.


there it is now, its just piled sky high with timber and tools and paint tubs and everything thats needs to cleared out. thats gonna be the fashion factory and I hope to get it built in a very timely fashion. :)

Its not likely going to make interesting reading so it looks like I will be calling time on this thread now and maybe updating occasionally on the previous one.

Once again thanks for reading and maybe someone has found something useful along the way. :)
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby mikenot » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:00 pm

Thanks for writing !!! Your adventures, and misadventures, are always an interesting read.
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby groucho » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:28 pm


Most appreciative of your building experiences, and sharing your inner most feelings as you traverse daily life here.
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:41 pm

Thanks for the support guys. :)

I am changing channels now because we are off again. :)

Chapter 15 continues on the previous "what happened next" thread.
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