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Re: 10 year visa

Postby mikenot » Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:03 am

That's actually a five year plus five year extension, only for people who fit rather restrictive criteria, and which , as per the official announcement, can only be applied for in your home country. As the staff at Chang wattana do not know the full details yet, I doubt nonthaburi do either. A friend of mine, who was considering it, decided the Elite card was a better option. If I had the required spare 3m baht I would not be locking it away in a Thai bank either.
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Re: Marriage Visa

Postby Roger Ramjet » Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:33 am

mikenot wrote:If I had the required spare 3m baht I would not be locking it away in a Thai bank either.

I have a pension, that's all I've ever had. I'm just passing on what I saw and was told yesterday. The old gammy legged bloke who does the 90 day extension was actually going along the line of people queued outside at 0815 hrs and taking the 90 day report ones. He saw me having a smoke and beckoned me over, took my application, indicated we should all wait inside, then went behind his desk, by the time the doors officially opened he had all the 90 day reports done, that's about 5 applications in 15 minutes.
When he called my name he said "December for you, 10 year visa".
I thought I'd post it here as everyone has had some sort of hassle with immigration, I know I have. If Nontharburi can do it in minutes, Chaeng Wattana will manage to extend it out to an hour. Been there and done that during the floods and prior.
I don't want a 10 year visa, I'll be dead long before then. My Doctor (a Professor) said she can get me a medical exemption from reporting every 90 days and will gladly give me a letter, but I rather enjoy driving, so I told her I'd take a rain check on that until I can't drive anymore.
It's rather like a report on new licences in the Bangkok Post..........I've had one for the last 3 years. Everything that gets done in Thailand is on the whim of the "boss in charge". But they are all trying to make a good impression because of ASEAN, trade agreements and bilateral agreements and too many "bosses" have been moved to inactive posts because of social media, so I think they are actually finally trying to follow the rules, possibly, perhaps, maybe, I won't hold my breath.
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