Some photos of Kanchanarburi

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Re: Some photos of Kanchanarburi

Postby Roger Ramjet » Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:21 am

Sometimewoodworker wrote:You might like to actually read my post.

I did read your post. It was the SRT timetable that stated trains still ran to Nam Tok across the Bridge Over the River Quai which I had already said was not correct as the bridge sleepers were rotten and could no longer support the weight of the train and carriages. I would have taken greater detailed photos of the rotten sleepers, however, the really bad ones were no longer there but the pieces were floating somewhere along the River Quai and had been replaced with steel plates to stop tourists from suffering a similar fate.
Sometimewoodworker wrote:It seems that there has been much more rapid deterioration, which was not pictured, since my last visit.

No the deterioration has been slow and steady, which is why the new concrete sleepers have been sitting alongside the tracks now for the last few years, but as usual in Thailand with infrastructure very little gets done unless there is "tea money" involved. In this case it must have been "train money". It's a crying shame really and a little like the Memorial Wall that will now need to be replaced if it can't be cleaned without falling to pieces.
For a major tourist attraction that so many normal Thais rely on for income I find the whole thing depressing.
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