"Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:16 pm

Chapter 14 day 105;106;107 contd

We ordered and paid for this aircon about 4 weeks ago and have been waiting for them. We were not in a rush at all but obviously with this being the final week a bit of stress is building up.

We went to a small local specialist outlet for the aircon. Not your big box halogen light dazzled displays. Here it was a roadside shop with models on the wall from 1980 but for 10500bt we have managed to get an LG 12KBTU smart inverter unit at least 60% cheaper than any of the flashy stores.
A Mitsu 18kbtu inverter model was selling here at 16/17k all inclusive fitting etc. in the stores these are 26k and upwards.

I needed to get the cladding stained in the area I want the condenser unit but in the end I had completed the whole 9 yards with time to spare.

They eventually arrived an hour later than they said and had Wasu chasing them about the village to find us. :roll:

She was already well pissed off. :roll: They called for directions after the obligatory hand drawn map.

From what Wasu says the conversation went like this…….

“Where are you :?:

“I don’t know”

“Are you at the Mckean hospital yet :?:

“I don’t know”

:roll: :roll:

“Can you see the field of the bananas :?:



“Can you see the market place :?:



“Well where are you :?:

“I don’t know”


“What can you see :?:

“Nothing really”

:twisted: :twisted:

“Ffs” (I made that bit up!)

She hopped on her scooter in a foul mood and brought the truck back

I looked at the small guy. He was 30m away in the soi having got out of his truck.

From that distance I could see he had the biggest ears I had ever seen on anyone…. :lol:

I shouted

“He's blind but I bet he’s not deaf is’e :?:

I decided to be the only one to laugh at my comment.

We can all remember a kid at school with big ears cant we, my brother had some actually, they just turn a bit more and face the front like an elephant. This was the elephant man without doubt.

10 minutes later Mickey mouse’ mate arrived and they were soon unpacking.

I wanted to get in first with where I wanted it and what all the electric cable were for.

They both seemed completely bamboozled. This wasn’t normal, they don’t expect wires and cables to be set up….so lets just ignore it.

Well they did and me and Wasu had a big fall out again because I apparently know everything and the professionals don’t.

Well I didn’t argue with that!

But I was trying to establish the fact that that they don’t need any more than 5m of a single wire everything else is there and so is the duct I installed.

One man had wired in 3 blue cables about 10m long into the unit and I wanted to know what the blue cables are for.
Really I believed they were main cables and they were going to run them outside the house.

The duct I installed was for the separate cable to link the inside unit to the outside unit. After my research and speaking to Daikin I was happy that one cable was sufficient.

We were all at crossed wires here, I was saying the draw cable is to attach the blue wire but three will not fit, Wasu was going mental, the aircon guys didn’t have a clue what was going on and couldn’t have cared less.

Really I should have just butted out and Wasu was correct in saying I was just trying to be too clever installing a duct. They got there in the end and did a very neat job with the outside duct. It was exactly where it needed to be.



The sparkies by this time had installed two conduits on the wall and I was at a loss why they put a smaller one.



“Wasu did you tell them we don’t want the telephone cable putting in a duct :?:

“Yes I said it can be just tied to the main conduit”.

“They have fixed two conduits, but you can tell them to carry on but we will use them for the wall lights at some later stage, just a pity they have put the smaller one at the back."

I continued clear staining all the external woodwork, doors and windows and cladding and I wasn’t impressed but a little disappointed. Really wanted the wood to be lighter but its all colours and just wondering if I should add a stain to it.


Sparks arrived again this morning whilst Wasu was at the driving licence office getting a 5 year licence. I had some issues with them that needed addressing.

They had nicely used 90 bends at the end as it reached the pole but along my wall they set a box back from the corner then bent conduit left and then right in an “s” instead of running the wire straight out the back and turning, he had an outlet turning left…stupid if you ask me

“Can I ask for a 90 please :?:

“….ok sorry can not”

“…yes you can”

“….no can not”

“Why :?:

“Because corner nothing to fix”

“Move the box back here and run wire through here, its not important anyway?...now can you fix 90”

“Dai, yes, ok”

The next issue they should have resolved in the three weeks we were waiting for them.

How to transition from the top of the wall to the house in two places.

He was looking at my offcut steel for a support rail. He wanted to cut a piece 1m vertical them 1m horizontal and fix the conduit to it.

He could have got a steel one made, or even bought one similar to the street light support.

He had salvaged a 2x2 steel and has his disc cutter at the ready.

No way is he fixing crappy old steel to my q con wall. :(

After a few drawings showing me what his intention was I said no do it in the conduit. Go here, then vertical, 90 bend, you can fix to the concrete beam here…blah blah blah, easy easy. :roll: :roll:

Then I really complicated things by saying “ or you can fix a catenary wire”

“What :?:


Nope, all those pictures of a carrying wire make no sense to him at all; forget that idea….conduit it is,ok


I completed my external staining on the windows and then decided to use up what was left of the old decking stain. Half a tin and there was a small amount of walnut stain in another.

I mixed them together and decided to redo the min internal posts. They were glossy before….then I did a few cladding boards to test, then the window sills and then the other beams,

Ended up gloss staining almost everything I did two days ago.

I did the woodwork in the bathroom, cladding and dado rails, the timber heads etc and may do the other cladding wall tomorrow if the other gloss looks ok after tonight.



Sparks not finished, they are slow, thorough but they don’t put in full days. Yesterday 11-3 and today 10-5 and still a good half day left tomorrow to do the final connection and remove the old cables.

This delay now has mucked up the schedule for the bed. I needed to start staining the floor tomorrow, two coats will take two days and I don’t want to be staining around a bed.

I will ask Wasu to put it off until after the weekend then we will be almost there for sure. :)
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:48 pm

Chapter 14 day 108; 109

The electricians needed a further half a day to finish off. They simply had to do the final connections at the meter end and then our consumer unit end.

Following on from that we had originally asked them to disconnect and remove the old cables which for some cockeyed reason came through the bathroom window and around the walls and back through the wall? I need to give that small window some attention. It has no glass, just 1x1 timber bars, a bit makeshift but its ok until vermin get in or Terry tokay. :(

They disconnected all the old cable from the three poles we have and finally just tie wrapped the wifi cable to the unnecessary conduit they installed. :roll:

I really cant understand why they thought the wifi was going to be conduited as they are replaced every year as a matter of course. :roll:
Then I cant understand why they have fixed a 1 inch duct for a very fine wire; the duct our sparkies used on the house wiring was 3/8 and 5/8 I think.

We hadn’t agreed a price beforehand, simply because he didn’t really know what he was doing and we didn’t push it. At the initial chat I said you can fix the shower but I couldn’t wait so long for him.

I should be able to sort out the boundary wall lights myself as and when or if I build the next 28m long wall.

I totted up the materials he has used and suggested to Wasu that he has spent around 3k on ductings, clips, connectors, boxes and metalwork on the main pole so if he charges us 2.5 days then that’s 5k for labour. I said to Wasu I think he will charge us around 7500bt.

Later that day he messaged Wasu asking for 8200bt so that’s fair I suppose.

I was anxious for them to move on. Coming back for half a day meant I had to ask Wasu to postpone the bed delivery. It was scheduled for tomorrow but I need to fit the lining around the bathroom door and then stain the floor two or three times. It couldn’t be done. :(

On with the next task, the bathroom door lining. I had three boards left for this job but after measuring I realised I could rip one in half to fix onto the bathroom wall. Two 70mm wide strips. I put a soft edge on them and then glued and pinned them to the original doorframe. Those were the easy pieces.


The next were the side linings and each was tapered due to the lean on the wall.

One reveal was 140 wide at the top and 115mm at the bottom; the other side was 120 at the top and 85mm at the bottom……leaning and twisted what a mess but no one will ever know when its finished! :lol:



Same procedure, rip them down at an angle then cut the shape of the frame head out and slide into place. Not easy and required some concentration and careful measuring but glued and pinned and looking good. :)


To hide the front edge of the side reveals I had two lengths of moulding just 25mm wide that would act as a stop for the door and a nice moulded finish for the lining. :)



Final task the head. The board was 810mm long but 140 wide at the left and 120 wide on the right, then two notches for the frame which was 610 wide. Everything was measured and cut from underneath, complicated and not easy to fit it. The tighter the better but if it was wrong I couldn’t remove it……

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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:59 pm

Chapter 14 day 108;109 contd

It was fine. All blathered with glue I nailed it to the frame head and ran a bead of glue all around the corners.


Happy with the that, its a lot of wood and it may look very dark when stained up but its done the job and all that’s left is to trim the bottom off the doors.

A day of clearing up and preparing for staining the floor. Wasu was on hand with the mop to clean the floor but I was already giving the woodwork another staining,this time with a clear gloss. I had done everywhere with a semi gloss, spend a full day inside doing it and so I ended up doing it again with the gloss.

All the main beams, I did the main posts and then the cladding. It was almost a full day glossing before I made a start on the floor.




At 4pm I was ready, but already ramfeezled. :( Had to do it, fans on, windows open doors closed and rollers at the ready.

A final sweep out and I was away. Not a big job really, :) just twenty minutes I think and I had the first coat down.




At 10pm it was dry enough for me to get in and switch off the fan and the lights!
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:10 pm

Chapter 14 day 110

I was a bit disappointed with the stain this morning. It looked rough, mainly because it was emphasizing the bits of the original stain that I hadn’t managed to clean and the different types of wood, maybe three varieties were so contrasting.
Had I spoiled the whole show at the last minute? I decided not to worry and concluded that a lot of the wood had just soaked up the first coat.

1 (3).jpg

1 (5).jpg

1 (6).jpg

I continued out side glossing more cladding, and the window frames and the front door before giving the floor a light sanding and then a second coat.





Three hours later I gave it a third coat and I can say it looks much better, and much richer. :)

Bathroom window to sort out, rehang the doors and a final touch up with the emulsions and we should be ready to accept the bed in two days.

Really looking forward to drawing a close on this job. Its been a hard slog and almost every day for 4 months its been physically demanding. :(
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:31 pm

Chapter 14 day 111

I have set myself the task of tidying up the old window that doesnt have any glass! Its never needed glass, in fact all it ever had was some mosquito mesh which was chewed through after we moved out of there.


The timber grille was flush with the inside but now I am going to make it flush with the outside. Firstly it will look inherently better with a reveal and a new sill and secondly making it flush with the outside wall will deter vermin from sitting on a ledge whilst they bite through the mesh….i hope!

So to remove the grille I just had to get am old chisel behind the nails and bang it out.


I sanded it up and then gave it the clear gloss stain before finding the mesh and cutting it to size.


The mesh was pinned on the outer face for now with some salvaged strips of wood , wrapped around the edges and nailed.



To put it back meant simply banging it to the new position without going too far and letting it fall 6m. and nailed back in place.

Now for a sill….an old off cut again just 600mm long which I had to rip down to 65mm wide.



Sanded it and rounded the front edge and the horns and good to go. Panel adhesive on the back and its in. :)
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:38 pm

Chapter 14 day 111 contd

A final two small trims to hide the gap between the grille and the frame and one to the window head under the beam and a bit of caulking and its finished.


Significantly better than it was; its not great even now but it is what it is. :wink:

The bathroom doors were still to rehang. I was aware that the bottoms needed trimming by about 10mm after I fitted the new timber sill but it was one door at a time. I wasn’t going to risk guessing that the second door would be the same since the bottom is what was previously the top.


It was a slow job to rehang these two doors mainly because the moulded trim I had fixed to the front edge of the lining was a tad proud of the frame rebate in places so the doors were obviously binding.

So it was a careful hand pearing with a chisel followed by some frantic rubbing with the sandpaper. :lol:

Those doors were on and off about 4 times a piece and by the time I was ready for the final set of screws three of the screw holes were repacked with mathcsticks and three hinges were packed with cardboard to stop the door springing.


That’s another two jobs ticked off the list. :)
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:01 pm

Chapter 14 day 112

Wasu got a phone call yesterday from the bed people. They wanted to deliver the bed yesterday afternoon but she refused knowing we needed these extra few days to allow the floor stain to dry.

In the end the bed people have themselves postponed delivery until Friday so another 5 days. that’s a result really but I suggested to Wasu if they really had forgotten to make it when she reminded them last week.

Not at all apparently, but it seemed they don’t have the men to lift and build it up until the weekends.

Well, that’s great because I can really dot the I’s and cross the T’s and maybe even get some pictures back on the wall and get the curtains up.

The other significant news is that our first guest is my son, and he is the reason I have been working flat out to complete it. :)
I diverted his travelling experience around Cambodia for a month and tomorrow he is heading to Vietnam for a month. :lol:
He plans to get to us for Christmas and the new year which is about 5 weeks away. So far so good and everything is falling into place. :)

Todays job is to decorate the bathroom. I was very low on emulsion but I had some unbelievable luck. :)

Under a big plastic box that I put my heavy tools in, was a tub of paint. I pulled it out, and then pulled the paint tub out.

Excellent, it was a tub of ivory yellow that I painted the spa with in 2011.It was a full brand new tub and almost 7 years old. :)

I wanted to get this Nippon vinilex ivory yellow for our main bedroom but the Nippon was too expensive and I ended up trying to get the same colour from memory but in the Beger range, which was called bright light.

So no one could ever see the difference in the bathroom, it was the same colour as we did it before.

After a bit of gypsum filler to 35 old cable bracket holes and a big hole in the wall I started the painting.



Not easy to work in a small bathroom with a big sheet over the bog and the floor, a tray on the floor, a roller and a brush but as with all jobs they do get finished.


The walls in the room should really get another coat but there is the risk here of the two colours contrasting.

But not really, my bright light beger choice was almost identical to the ivory yellow, but the vory yellow is my favourite. Very slightly richer in colour which sets of the brown wood even better.



Tomorrow I will go around with the white and just touch up the ceilings. It will not be a repaint, just a small brush and then start the tidy up outside and stain the insides of the windows.

Ey up…. I knew it wouldn’t be too long before he came to see what was going on.

Yes mate I have just blocked up your entry point; it was Terry Tokay noisy as ever.


nice sunset tonight

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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:22 pm

Chapter 14 day 113+114

These last two days have really been the finishing off bits. I have repainted the ceiling in the bathroom and then followed on with a touch up around edges in the bedroom. The smartening of some edges lead into another coating over every white wall and ceiling at great risk of spattering over the newly glossed floor and the newly painted walls and woodwork but amazingly not a drop out of place.



The bathroom and floor is now ready for a final clean by Wasu before I run some caulking around some of the joints and perps.

I made a start outside on the decking area. I didn’t have enough white to re do the outside ceiling so with her approval I did the ceiling with the ivory yellow. Two coats and it looks great. I must admit as a traditionalist I am white ceiling man no matter what the excuse may be but outside I think a bit of colour gives a sense of warmth and is less harsh than white. :?



From the Ivory ceiling I then decided to put some colour back into all the exposed rafters and purlins. I mixed a bit of brown enamel into the clear gloss and painstakingly painted all the exposed timbers.

A result, with the ivory ceiling and freshly painted woodwork it all looks new and fresh and classy. :)

I have reglossed the dado wall and painted the two main tree posts.

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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:30 pm

Chapter 14 day 113+114 contd

Wasu was cleaning the bathroom thoroughly and wiping down the bedroom floor again as I was buying yet another tin of stain. :roll:

Bathroom nicely cleaned I re hung a couple of pictures, the medicine cabinet and refitted the towel rail which is now awaiting a re stain.



On the decking I moved away what appeared to be a pantechnican load of wood and tools and trays of screws and the cupboard was full of things I had previously accused Wasu of losing…..a badminton raquet, three pairs of socks, a mosquito light and more new drills.

Everything has now moved 3m to make somewhere else untidy.



I gave the decking floor a quickish sanding. I am not too bothered about making it as smooth as inside as it doesn’t need to be but I know if I take off 50% of the red surface stain I am quite sure I can get it darkened down and similar to everywhere else.




First coat of stain on and looking ok. Another two tomorrow to build it up a bit and then complete the outstanding stain inside, the window frames and the bathroom sill again and towel rail.

Three more days until the bed comes and 4 days before my time limit imposed by Wasu after which she wants me working on a refurbishment of the spa.

Just wonder if she is driving me into an early grave…but playing the long game? :roll:
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:10 pm

Chapter 14 day 115

I am not used to having all this time ahead of me now. :?
All the urgency has gone and so has the money and I just feel like drinking beer now and planning where to take Wasu next week and what to do when my son arrives.

After doing a further emulsion coat to the outside ceiling I gave the old house decking floor a two further coats of stain and stained every exposed rafter and purlin so they actually look nice and clean now.


Clerk of works arrives….. :roll:

“Can you close this gap up here we don’t want birds building nests”

“What with?”

“Some old plasterboard”

:roll: Well someone decided to clear out all my offcuts and throw them outside the day before it rained very heavy”

“They are still fine”

:lol: Plasterboard outside in a thunderstorm for 4 hours; 6 further days of heavy morning dew and moisture from the ground………..yeah they will be fine love”

I decided to make a start and remove the obsolete concrete mains pylons, three of them which are in the middle of the paths.

I scratched away some soil from around the bases and then used the grinder to cut off the concrete.

With some teasing they all eventually gave way and either snapped a couple of the rebars or actually dragged the base upwards. I am not sure how much is left in the ground but I now have 3 posts at 2.7m long which I can use for something or other I am sure. :wink:

My pond… to be honest I have pissed about with this now for 3 months. Its not been operational for more than 3 times since I started renovating this old house because of the ongoing leak problem in the sump.

Every two weeks I would come up with another quick fix idea to seal it, and always the next day I would be disappointed to see it fail

It started life with a waterproof render-failed

Then I tiled it-failed…..

then a secondary overlay tile-failed….

then sista d150 acryllic sealant to the joints-failed…..

then grey roofseal to the joints-failed….

then 20mm of the expensive waterproof tile adhesive to the bottom-failed….

then another mix of waterproof adhesive with another black floor tile on the bottom-failed……

Every time I try something the water disappears quicker than it did previously. Its as though I have a massive crack somewhere and its opening up slowly.

I really didn’t want to epoxy the bottom and the pond floor but it seems this is my only option left.

So I have decided to clear everything out of the pond and start again. It was a bugger of a job as I had to break the seals on the bubbler pots and then I ended up getting a small stone in the water pipe!

Two hours bailing out and cleaning everything including dismantling my pipework but it now looks like I have to go and spend upto 2k on a Sika paint product or a two part epoxy paint that Shrimper suggested to me. I will tackle this in the next few days I think as I am embarrassed looking at a pond that doesn’t function as one. :oops:

It’s a bit of a tidy up day, all the tools need to find a new home and all the accumulated nicknacks because I want to give the central decking a good clean and another coat of stain tomorrow.
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:18 pm

Chapter 14 day 116

At 9.30 our teak bed arrived. Its worked out perfectly really despite it being 6 weeks since we ordered it, any earlier and I wouldn’t have been ready. :)
They came here with our bed exactly a year ago, same two chaps so at least they knew where to come. :roll:

We ordered the same bed as before except this time I decided just to have square corner posts and flat corner cap as opposed to turned legs....just incase the beds get taken out we can remember which goes where :lol:

It only took them about 15 minutes to build it up and screw it together. It looks great albeit we haven’t even been to order the mattress yet. Our Casanova mattress has beengreat in the last 12 months, no complaints about it and it wasn’t expensive as mattresses go.




A friend of mine rents a lot of places on air bnb and fits them out to a very high standard;possibly a bit unnecessarily but he is an advocate of spending at least 30k on a mattress. :lol: :lol: rampant guests then?

Well I can still find one that will last a lifetime for less than a third of that and still be very comfortable for any of our guests (if we get any)

After a good sweeping up and mopping down the central decking I decided to give it a coat of stain seeing as I still had a third of a tin left. It’s a long time since it looked that clean. It wont last of course unfortunately but at least I don’t anticipate there being as much cement and plaster dust and sawdust up here in the future. Operations are moving downstairs again.



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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:19 pm

Chapter 14 day 117

I can now say the house is practically complete. :)

I primed up the calking gun and tidied up the edges to the dado rails and the ceiling wall juntions and followed that with the same in the main bedroom to the underside of the timbers beams and around the patio door and sockets etc.
There was one handle to refit on one of the sashes.

I cleared up the outside bench in readiness for another washing and staining before re staining a small mirror.

Wasu was at home most of the day and with my help we set up the curtains. She made them a few weeks ago so they just needed ironing before we lifted them onto the poles.





The curtains look great, a bit flowery but cosy and the room really does look comfortable now.

Over the next few days I need to order a mattress and pick up two bedside cabinets and another handmade wooden light for outside the patio door.

Wasu is really optimistic that our homestay can eventually release her from the spa…I think differently as I told her

“if we can get a booking every night I can give up working the spa”

“30k a month isn’t going to go very far plus I don’t want people staying here every day, I am thinking 2 days a week that may cover our shopping bills”

“Well I am thinking I will be here full time and you can take our guests out at 6am to the temples and market and on cycle rides :)

:shock: You are joking right?”

“No, that’s my dream!”

“Well keep dreaming because we cannot invite any guests until I have built two more boundary walls, built a new drive and parking space and landscaped the garden. Oh and now you want another room for your sewing stuff?, then there's the paths to do and I still have to plug the hole in the pond………which do you want first?”
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:36 pm

Chapter 14 day 118

I am ready to draw a line under this chapter now. :)

I made an early morning trip out to order the mattress. To make life simple I ordered the Casanova the same as I ordered exactly a year ago.
It had gone up 500bt or maybe it was on 500bt discount last time, who cares they were ready to bring it in the afternoon.

I spent another hour in Home Pro procrastinating on what to do with the pond. The epoxy 2 part paint recommended by Shrimper, a Jotun product was great, except for two things, the paint was 1300bt and then you needed to buy the hardener at 300bt, all told quite expensive for the small amount I have to do. I asked about coverage on the 5 litre tin and was advised it covers 25m2.

Unfortunately they don’t have a smaller tin as I only need to cover 4.5m2x2 coats.

In the end I opted for a Best Bond product which from the label it looked like a bitumen type product you brush on or roll on.
Again it was a two part product but because the tub was sealed I couldn’t see what the two parts were, but at 369bt and very likely needing two tubs for my area I decided to take one to test.

Back home I wanted to repaint the back wall on the rear landing which led into doing the staircase walls and then the back of the bench outside.

Now to do the pond.

The tub was actually a two part powder and latex.


I needed to mix it. I split the mix and with the first one I blathered it around the sump. It didn’t seem to want to stick anywhere as the tiles were non porous as it was.

I taped around the bottom of the tiles and then with a really old brush tried to rub the mix along the fillet corner.




With a second mix I used the roller and just about covered the rest of the floor with the first coat. Another tub should see a second coat easily cover the floor.

When I look at what I bought to be honest its no different than tiling floor adhesive.

The powder is the same and even the milky latex additive is the same but because they put it in a measured quantity in a plastic tub they can charge the earth. :roll:

After I applied it, it smelled the same as weber tiling adhesive

Pro-tip…don’t spend 369bt on a 4kg mix, instead buy a 20kg bag for 180bt and a small 1kg tub of latex additive. Then use the rest of the bag to throw some tiles down somewhere?

First coat done, it looks tidy and clean and looking forward to getting another coat on it tomorrow.

The mattress arrived at the time they said and that’s now ready for sheets and pillows. It’s a 12 inch thick mattress, medium I suppose but the thickness makes a big difference. after a year ours is still in mint condition, no wear at all, well I hope so they come with a 15yr warranty.



Apart from the bedside cabinets I just need to replace the bog seat and we are open for business…. I mean for testing with my son as the first guinea pig.

My revised on going budget ended up at 125k baht and the actual cost is going to run in at 124k.

I see a lot of cosmetic expense with the bed, mattress and the aircon at 35k and just altering the mains electric cost us 12k so 40% of the expense was out of my control.

I am now thinking to recoup this….124 guest nights we need. :?
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby mikenot » Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:05 pm

Eyecatcher, that interior is looking great !
And I'm sure the pond will be equally as good one day ..... :)
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Re: "Baan Thai"- My battle against Time and Termites

Postby eyecatcher » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:14 pm

Chapter 14 day 119,120

Just about wrapping things up now, I went out to buy another tub of pond sealer and this time the tub managed to cover the whole area another 1.5 times. It looks promising and I am very hopeful that I have finally cracked it. :P

I have fixed the curtain tie back hooks and Wasu has given the place another good cleaning including the glass.

The only thing left to do now apart from buying some furniture and decorations is to buy a new bog seat.

With a new tin of stain I have stained all the main house posts again on the ground floor and a couple in the pond area and now started staining the underside of the floor.


In the meantime after a further 18hr I have filled up the sump only to test whether the sealer is holding or not.

After one day its dropped less than 1cm, so a bit of absorption and evaporation I think. I will keep the water there for another two days which also allows the rest of it to gain strength. :wink:

As an end of project getaway this month we are heading to Phayao for two days for a rest and to contemplate the next small project.

My son was geared up to arrive in Chiang Mai on the 20th December which has in the end given me a couple of weeks grace. He now tells me he has managed to land himself a teaching job in Vietnam for a year :shock: so he will still arrive but maybe not for as long as I thought. :?
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