was (land price) sticker shock

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was (land price) sticker shock

Postby Roger Ramjet » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:21 pm

chakayan wrote:maybe i should start a new thread about this. i do have this ridiculous degree in sociology that was born out of curiosity for such things.....

Now, now, now, you can't even start something like that in Friendly Banter or Disasters.
During the 100 year flood I posted on all the guilty parties, who they were, what their position was and what damage they had caused. I also backed it up with facts, articles and photos as I had to travel by boat to my build. And some members screamed loud and long (non moderators) and wanted it all deleted, which it wasn't.
And also I posted who got all that relief money (nobody in our street) even though we were told we were entitled to 4,000 baht each, which the female Mayor took 80,000 baht even though her house was high and dry which was one of the causes of the "red" protests later. This area was/is a "red" stronghold and I can tell you not one pollie (politician) took one penny, and the army were nowhere in sight, yet they took all the cream off the top and supplied nothing. A number of articles appeared in New Mandala (The Australian National University rag) about the graft and corruption by senior army and police officers and when the "reds" protested the army held a coup (the third one I have actually been here for) and using their usual propaganda machine claimed they only did it to root out corruption. :lol: :lol:
All the old men clinging to power and the Judge who said without one reference to the law "I think that the flood mitigation plan (drawn up by Professors) will cost too much, so I'm not going to allow it. That same plan with some minor changes was later passed by the Junta, yet still the gates of the klongs are locked, none of them dredged and half the money has been spent. And all those pumps are back in storage again and the farmers have been told they are not to grow a second crop of rice.
It's the same old story all over again, except this time the navy may make it to our front door using their Chinese submarines.
As Scrooge said: Bah, Humbug.
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