People/companies that the world might be better off without

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Re: People/companies that the world might be better off with

Postby MGV12 » Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:13 pm

Roger Ramjet wrote:
MGV12 wrote:With that which is going on in your own Continent [ ] I would have thought you would have other distractions.

Australia has elections coming up, the longest electioneering in the history of our great land...and by all accounts the most boring. The pollies have all been caught lying as usual and it's now up to the Australian people to show their distain.
Me? I'm voting for the fishing and shooters party as usual, they block all the bullshit in the Senate, which is why the election was called for in the first place. Nobody trusts either party to rule in their own right anymore. Not when they give tax breaks to the rich and want to tax our old aged pensions even before we get there. A real bunch of no-hopers who think nothing of using helicopters at tax payer expense to go to their own party fundraisers.
And we won't even mention the Monk who is considering a back stab and wants hold of the reins of power again, yet last time it was the Captain's Pick that bought the whole shebang down.
Good on the Brits for wanting to govern themselves, I just wish they'd ban the police from driving new BMWs at high speed over speed humps.

Personally I have as many doubts that the Australian economy will recover any time soon ... as I do for the UK/Britain/England economy.

I fail to comprehend how Australia or Britain can justifiably base 'their/our' future on tangible [Australia] or intangible [Britain] assets. Both at the behest of others ...............

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Re: People/companies that the world might be better off with

Postby Roger Ramjet » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:08 pm

MGV12 wrote:Personally I have as many doubts that the Australian economy will recover any time soon ... as I do for the UK/Britain/England economy.

The Australian economy is not doing too badly because the hair brained ideas they had about pushing through their policies never got through the Senate... which is why the election is on in August I think.
Australia is actually a thriving country if the pollies would leave it alone. They could have had fibre optic cable to every household now if the current mob hadn't stopped it and gone the el cheapo route that is costing more than the fibre optic route and taking longer with more pitfalls. Most of their other hair-brained schemes got either stopped by the courts as illegal, or stopped in the Senate.
The subsidies for solar power took a bit of a toll, but it's still well on track because of the courts.
The problem with the pollies is they just want more and more when Australia is doing quite well actually. The basics are still all there, farming, tourism, and even though it sounded as though mining was, it wasn't. and our credit rating is still AAA and stable.
Now that sale of land to China has been stopped, I think they'll do okay. I just wish they'd stop trying to buy the most expensive fighters in the world when they have no need of them. At least they kept the submarine construction in Australia.
The Lib/Nats rely on scaremongering by claiming the unions are to blame for everything, they really should look inwards at themselves.
But Labor isn't much better now, so I don't know where we'll go from the next election....maybe a lot of independents to keep both the bastards honest. We shall see.
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