How well does your brain function?

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Re: How well does your brain function?

Postby Ians » Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:30 pm

Roger Ramjet wrote:
Ians wrote:Would you think a westerner could pull-off the same trick next time they get stopped for a breath test --

I couldn't believe anyone would be that stupid to try even.
I can imagine the NSW Police Commissioner refusing to take a breath test to a Highway Patrol officer and finding his stupid arse in gaol. Words like dumb bastard and even worse came to mind. But if it were me I'd get out of the car and brace them up, correct their salutes, shake their hands with a 1,000 baht note and drive off.....what I wouldn't do is tell them I was the Police Chief, refuse to obey the law, then castigate them in the morning.......I bet he was drunk as well. TIT.

Probably pissed and coming back from the girlfriend's place.

The Justice Einfeld case is a good example of being sorted out for being stupid.
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Re: How well does your brain function?

Postby Roger Ramjet » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:53 pm

Ians wrote:The Justice Einfeld case is a good example of being sorted out for being stupid.

And all over a speeding ticket, what a donkey.
My licence was always touch and go and they never had speed cameras in those days, but I used to pin the fines to the fridge as a badge of honour and I always paid them, sometimes late. I often wondered what would happen to my army licence if my NSW licence was revoked. It was great being posted around Australia before they had computers, you'd walk into a new motor registry and present your army licence and they'd issue you with a new State one, for a fee and five years..... and if you ticked the "donor" box you'd get it in half the time.
NT and Queensland were the best, go on exercise to Charleville or up through Katherine and call in at the Police station and get a new "Permission to exceed the speed limit" (licence) each time, but now they are computer linked it wouldn't work.
I've often wondered what they thought when they linked all the data. I must have caused some small amount of angst with those speeding fines. And the day my mate got busted in my car with my radar detector on board was another cause for concern. But I went and pled no contest when he went to court and as I had been here for a while, I had enough points to cover it, but the $1,000 fine hurt a lot.
To gain revenge I mounted one on a light pole about 20 foot up connected by battery and the mate and I would sit on his front verandar drinking wine and watch the Highway Patrol cars drive up and down the highway just outside Cooma trying to locate it. Great fun when your half pissed and better than watching a bug exterminator fry the insects.
My new one is undetectable, but the police here don't have the sophisticated equipment the NSW Highway Patrol had.
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