Understanding [or misunderstanding] Australians

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Re: Understanding [or misunderstanding] Australians

Postby Roger Ramjet » Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:57 pm

Andyfteeze wrote:And Roger Ramjet, your worried about chinese bribes?

No, Andy, it's not the Chinese bribes I'm worried about, it's the fact that they even let the money into the country in the first place as "donations". And the pollies being so stupid as to think they could get away with it secondly. I breathed a sigh of relief when Julia Gillard managed to topple that slimy bastard Kevin Rudd who was more than willing to sell the whole of Australia to whoever put in the highest bid. But I have to admit little Johnny Howard started the whole thing off prior to that when he became the pet dog of George Bush. Off to war we go again, eh boys. and 9 battalions of troops that we can't even supply transport for, let alone equipment, so we rotate them through the middle east and far east, 12 months on, 12 months off and then refuse to give them pensions when they go mad being shot at on a daily basis.
The fish and chip shop lady and her crew from Queensland are just like the "Flo and Jo Show", same policies, same chest beating, same hatred and bigotry, except they just took it to a new high (or low).
I watched Professor Brian Cox try and educate the fish and chip shop lady's brilliant engineer "advisor" but even after he'd been given the proof and held it in his hands, all he could say was "show me the proof". He even blunted Professor Brian Cox's usual exuberance by being plain dumb. I'm sure he could even cause Professor Steven Hawking to want to toss in the towel given half an hour of his time. And of course the Flo and Jo show would have held a piss-up after, celebrating another victory for the banana benders and their supporters.
The Monk wasn't the brightest star in the sky, but Turnball is trying very hard to beat him in the dumb-down stakes.
The day they started closing Colleges of Advanced Education and stopped/cut back uni funding was a dismal day in Australia.
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Re: Understanding [or misunderstanding] Australians

Postby Andyfteeze » Tue Aug 23, 2016 5:16 pm

well I intend to sit back in Chiang mai soon and watch the libs self implode. Just the delicious thought of what bad Karma is to befall them. Dont get me wrong, its not as if labor are great, but this mob are professional arseholes.
If Trump gets in, we will be going to war again. :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: Understanding [or misunderstanding] Australians

Postby Roger Ramjet » Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:23 pm

Andyfteeze wrote:If Trump gets in, we will be going to war again.

What do you mean? We are at war now. Even more so than Vietnam, this time we are using ARES units because the nine battalions have all done more than 3 tours of the middle/far east and are so under-strength they will start amalgamating them again like last time 5/7 RAR etc etc.
They won't even give them all body armour because it costs too much and half the diggers won't wear it because it weighs a ton anyway, then throw in their packs and webbing and they become pack mules that can't run. One of the lessons learnt from Vietnam was weight and poor equipment, so they got rid of the SLR and went to the Steyr, which is all well and good if your shooting at targets less than three hundred metres, but they aren't. The targets are out to 800 metres and the .223 or 5.56 round just won't make it, but the 7.62 or .308 would have. But with the body armour only the biggest bloke can carry the machine gun and when he's back in Australia he's buggered with a bad back from carrying it, so they throw him out of the battalion and downgrade him medically.
The pollies have got to stop feeding off the workers and start with the multi millionaires and they have to get their priorities right and find jobs for normal everyday people.
They won't though, they can't see what they are doing is all arse about face. They need to go down to the local pub and have a drink with the boys after a hard day's yakka, but heaven forbid doing that, they have formal dinners to go to so they can raise more money for their party machine. Johnny Howard started it and Abbot and Turnball just keep it going. And Labor have also lost the plot. They need another RJ call me Bob Hawke to get them back on track.
No politician should be allowed to send soldiers to war unless he/she has served themselves, and few of them have. Very few of them.
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Re: Understanding [or misunderstanding] Australians

Postby MGV12 » Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:11 pm

Bigger balls than most golfers are used to:

Australian impostors play official golf tournament in North Korea


Two Australian men managed to bluff their way into an 18-hole international tournament in North Korea by posing as world-class golfers.
Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay, both 28, were on a polo trip in Beijing when they heard about the competition.
They successfully applied to play as the Australian team and wore green blazers bearing the national logo.
The men, who do not play professionally, left North Korea without problems after the event.

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