Term: Portland Cement

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Term: Portland Cement

Postby dozer » Mon Jan 29, 2007 2:46 pm

Portland cement is a type of cement and refers to the composite mixture of components that make up cement. This is a good link to read about Portland cement

You'll note there are five various types of mixtures specified, eg. Portland 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The Ms. was talking about Portland brand Chang cement and I hadn't heard the term used here before. It is new nomenclature to be used here maybe starting a couple of years back (but Portland cement has been around since 1824 AD). The word used here comes from the English word, the 'r' and 'd' are silent so is sounds like 'potlan'.

I was curious about costs and brands available so today I went to talk a couple of different supply houses. If you ask which various cement is 'portland' about 1/2 the people seem to know, so you may get different anwsers (as the ones that don't know may likely say each one it Portland).

The common hand mix 50kg bags of cement which are Portland would be the Chang (Elephant) brand red bag that says to use in construction and the TPI bun daeng (Cement Red). There are other Chang brand cements which are not portland - such as bun chang gnan laaw, which has an entirely different set of uses.

The Chang (Elephant) brand is the most expensive of the hand mixes running at about 130 baht + with the TPI at about 118 + (as of Jan 07). Keep in mind prices are regional and depend on quantites.

Portland type cements are good for doing footing, posts, floorings (poured conrete) but are not good for other tasks, such as rendering (which one would normally use Sua brand or similar).

I wanted to post this as there was some confusion in my mind when I read about cements used overseas in comparision to here.
bun Chang - this type is not Portland
TPI bun daeng - type Portland
Chang - type Portland
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Postby jazzman » Fri Mar 16, 2007 7:01 pm

Good information Dozer - you have as much craving for cement as I do. You and I seem to share a passion for the stuff.
People ( and I ) tend to forget your excellent original article on it on the main site: http://www.coolthaihouse.com/infobasicmaterials.htm


For tips about laying concrete floors, this article and excellent illustrations will answer most questions :

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