Mortar by slaked lime in Thailand?

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Mortar by slaked lime in Thailand?

Postby Klondyke » Sun Jun 29, 2014 3:55 pm

Has anybody seen in Thailand another mortar for bricks and cement blocks than made from pure cement (1:3, cement:sand)? The mortar is always much stronger than the bricks or blocks. Therefore in case of modifications or demolishing, the bricks and blocks are never used again in Thailand, all is disposed.

It is different than e.g. in Europe where especially after the war the bricks from damaged buildings were always cleaned of the mortar and re-used again.

Few years ago I saw in Vietnam very often wooden tanks with white lime (slake lime?) for preparing a lime mortar, for bricks laying and also for plastering. This style of mortar is unknown to anybody in Thailand. They had jumped from teak directly to concrete.

Similarly, you will never find a road plastered by cobblestones. They had jumped from laterite roads directly to concrete and asphalt roads.
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