render under the rain

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render under the rain

Postby Sunpax » Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:25 am

Like some of you was extremly difficult for me to find some workers to do the ciment work, 2 days ago i find a team of 7 men and begin to render the exterior the probleme is the rain ! must render at 7 m hight !

any advice about it ?

thanck 's

ps my thread is now polluaded and its very sad...but i want to say here that the tiles work is also progress well !

i still have many to do ...but since 2 days i have again some hope...
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Re: render under the rain

Postby otis-a » Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:10 am

congrats on forward progress, is v. Good u find local labor as wify father was polite when mention your situation, his reply was perhaps his relative on koh samu could find u some helpers, the 1ktb/dy did not peek his interest, he just say everything in ur district very expensive. So must be a nice area to attract so many wealthy farang. Again congrats on selecting nice area and ur forward progress.

@7m high- scaffold, here bamboo tied with old tyres is how 'Scaffolding' is done. I obtained my Scaffold Safety Inspectors permit in another realm- none of what i c here i could ever pass for industral application.
Your watch word for today is:
Most likely u will get bamboo Scaffold so stay well clear, if u value ur health.

A heavy object falling onto a hard hat from above even @5m has potential to: bruse, break bones, cause lacerations, or give ''blunt force trama''.

Kick plats, Scaffold- tie-off's and Materals baskets can improve safety. Neither get priority here, so stay back from work area. A minimum of 5 meter to avoid any falling objects or complete scaffold collapse.

Look forward to some pics and that brandy some day.
where to park dog when in town? A barking lot... :-)))
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Re: render under the rain

Postby Sunpax » Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:13 pm

like you mention Otis...yes its a nice place and very quiet...not so many foreigners here...only maybe between 10 and 20 who live here all year ( and i am not sure so many !)

and yes very expensive..more expensive than Phuket !

but its ok...i understand its maybe difficult to belive what i say...must only come here maybe to see what i speack about

the team for render are Burmese driving by a local Thai man ! not so expensive ...I pay 100 bahts for 1 m2 rendering !

some pics will come after...I am to tired even for this small extra work :roll:

and sure you will be welcome in my little house ..
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