Portland cement: Elephant vs Diamond

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Re: Portland cement: Elephant vs Diamond

Postby kknaj » Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:04 am

Here in Khon Kaen it seemed pretty straight forward from the start what the different coloured bags represent:

Red for foundations
Green for brick motar and wall edges
Blue for wall rending.

The original question seemed to be about brands not grade cement.

I.e, If you need red cement what is better Elephant or Diamond?

I've only seen 2 main brands sold in Khon Kaen - Tiger and TPI

Our builder prefers Tiger red bag for foundations, TPI brand green bag mortar for brickwork because its about 6 baht cheaper per bag than Tiger. However he prefers Tiger Blue bag wall render cement, probably because its better? He seems to know when its best to use the extra money for the supposed superior brand?

We buy these from whoever we choose so I know its not a commission from supplier issue with his choices.

Any comments on the different brands for the same type i,e. red bag, green bag, blue bag ?
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