quantities Cement and sand in plastering

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quantities Cement and sand in plastering

Postby ifreeman » Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:21 am


I have asked my contractor to show me quantities for sand and cement he will use.He replied

for 2cm plastering ratio 1:1:5 for 1sqm of wall
- 8.5kg cement
- 0.023cbm sand

I thought that plastering would be, for 1cbm
- 0.8cbm sand
- 6 bags of 50kgs of cement

which would become for 2cm X 1sqm
- 6.0kg cement
- 0.016cbm sand

1. could someone confirm if the quantities I calculated are right?
2. there is 40% difference with his quantities. Could it be that there could be 40% losses during the mix process?

Also, he mentioned something I didn't see on this forum
Stiffener for block wall 1 meter
- size : 0.07X 0.10X 1.0m
- cement : 18.2kg
- stone No 3,4 : 0.04cbm
- Sand : 0.07cbm

Does someone know what is it and could confirm the quantities are right?

thanks in advance
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Re: quantities Cement and sand in plastering

Postby geordie » Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:55 pm

i am assuming that by stiffeners he is talking about the beams they cast into the walls to stiffen them seval members have posted pictures

regarding sand and cement you do get a lot of shrinkage and compaction especially after the sand has been washed also a slight increase in thickness can double the amount used i;e a thicker bed or render can eat the stuff

given the low cost has your builder been extortianate
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