Quantity of Concrete and rebar used for this house

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Quantity of Concrete and rebar used for this house

Postby ifreeman » Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:19 pm


I have read a lot through the forum and learnt a lot, but obviously, I am still a novice, therefore, be gentle for my first post

I would like to build this house in Phuket and have already finalized the structural drawings. The fist contractor I have been quoted just gave a very rough BOQ, and I can see some discrepancies on easy items, such as the floors and the walls surfaces.

But the figures for the concrete and rebar seems very high as the BOQ mentions
• 19 cbm lean concrete
• 191 cbm ready ix (240) concrete
• 210 sqm precast plank (concrete)
• 1,000sqm formwork
• etc ...

The house is around 250sqm footprint (25 X 10)
1. first floor
• 200sqm living area
• 50sqm empty space for cars

2. second floor (5m from ground)
• 110sqm living area
• 100sqm opened terrace
• 40sqm swimming pool (deep 1.4m)

3. Third floor (8m from ground)
• 65sm open terrace

Because one member, I think Jazzman, mentioned he used 14cbm or concrete for first floor of 156sqm, the figure of my very rough BOQ seemed very very high.

Could someone confirm this, or is it possible that such a house use so much structural material?
I have the structural drawings, but as I am not familiar, I don’t know how to calculate the volume of the concrete needed

Thanks for your comments
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Re: Quantity of Concrete and rebar used for this house

Postby geordie » Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:54 pm

at a glance the quantities do not come as a suprise you have a lovely desighn there but with some very heavy duty structural work on the concrete front without the complete package it would be unrealistic for to try and estimate materials ie how many footings x depth and size how many columbs x size floor area is straightfoward but a lot of it anyway assuming you have the full drawings its ismply a case of length x bredth x height

1metre long x 1metre wide x 1metre high=1 cubic metre or 100cmx100cmx100cm= 1000000 cubic cm or 1 cubic metre so if your floor is to be 16 mtr x11mtr x10cm

1600cmx1100cmx10cm=17600000-divide by1000000=17.6 cube

its also easier to think 10cm x10 1 meter 10cm thick =10x1meter sqare slabs to 1 cube good luck with the calculator
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