Foundation, cement, etc...

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Foundation, cement, etc...

Postby dolly llama » Thu Feb 19, 2009 1:10 pm

I've spent the past month on this site for a few hours each day and want to thank everyone for their contributions. I've also made copies of hundreds of the photos from here. I'm making some rough drafts to give the builder next week so we can both be in agreement and on the same page. .

Here is what I have so far regarding foundation and concrete work. The first part is just general info I've found and I reckon the prices are not accurate. I would really appreciate any comments from the members (especially corrections, additions and recommendations). Thanks


Per one cubic meter of 280 KSC at 1600 baht/meter contains:
STONE: 1040 kilograms
SAND: 940 kilograms
CEMENT: 325 kilograms
CPAC will do an on-site slump test and take a sample to confirm a compressive test after it is dry.

KSC = Kilograms per square centimeter. This is the amount of compressive weight a one centimeter cube can support. Same meaning a steng.

Pricing out the individual components in a SELF MIXED concrete of same proportions yields:
CEMENT: brand Nok portland. 6.5 bags @ 130 baht = 845 baht
STONE AGGREGATE: Cost = 4200 per 10 Q or .1748 per kilo. 1040 kilos x .1748 = 182 baht
SAND: Cost = 2200 per 10 Q or .1511 per kilo. 940 kilos x .1511 = 142 baht

Total material price for self mixed = 1169 baht / cubic meter
Total for ready mix = 1600 baht / cubic meter

14 cu (2 loads of 10 wheel CPAC truck) will do 120 - 140 sq.m of the ground floor of the average house.
the smaller 6-wheel trucks hold 3 - 4 cu.m

Hand-mixed concrete mix:

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) - 350 kg
* Fine aggregate (sand) - 700 kg
* Coarse Aggregate (gravel) - 1100 kg
* Water - 190 kg (190 litres)

1) CPAC grade cement for foundation pour.

2) For walls & floors "Tiger Green" will be used. "Red Elephant" will be used for all other (hand -mixed) work. Tiger brand Green cement (bun kiaw) will be used for columns and beams (210 steng).

3) Foundation footing will be 15 cm minimum (240 steng)

4) Metal support (rebar) will be 4 hun full (1/2") and cross-supports 3 hun full (3/8").

5) Columns will be 18-20 cm square

6) Shuttering (wood forms) will not be removed until 7 days after concrete is poured.

7) No loading will be done on columns before 28 days -- no roof beams/truss supports to be erected until then.

8) Foundation and footing concrete will be sprayed with water (kept damp) and covered with sacks or plastic for 7 days after initial pouring of cement.

9) Oversize cinderblocks will be used 14 cm x 20 cm, 2 or 3 hole configuration. Burnt rice hulls (glaeb kaow) will be filled inside holes in blocks for insulation.

9) For cinder block walls two rough render coats will be applied prior to a final coat. Each coat must be allowed to dry 1 day between coats. Each render coat will be at least 1 cm thick. Final render coat will be "Tiger Plus" brand (boon chaap) and 1 cm thick. If "Tiger Plus" is not available then "Sua" will be used with a liquid plasticiser additive (ATB or SIKA brand).

10) นำ้ยาผสมตอนกรีต หรือ มอร์ตา สำหรับงานกันชึม
"Sika Plastocrete" will be used in all concrete mix for waterproofing. 5 liter will treat ~4 mtr3.
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