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Postby jazzman » Tue Jul 01, 2008 9:55 pm

There are several brands of waterproofing additive. It is not expensive and you can buy it from most hardware stores and certainly from HomePro, HomeMart and GlobalHouse. Only a very little is needed and a 25 litre drum will be enough for up to 20 cubic metres of concrete. You mix it into all the concrete for the floor and the walls. It is also used for mixing into the concrete of paths and roadways, and any concrete that may cover the flat roof of a house.

In Thai it is called
นำ้ยาผสมตอนกรีต หรือ มอร์ตา สำหรับงานกันชึม

which translates to English as
treatment liquid for concrete and mortar mix to make waterproof
We usually just say:
"nam yaa ganseum" or if you want the German phonetics you would say "nam yaa gansöm"

We use SIKA Plastocrete which is the best and only costs about 460 baht for a 25 litre and it is also sold in 5 litre cans. You can't miss it - it's in a bright yellow rectangular PVC cannister with a red triangular logo and blue writing. The instructions are very clear and in Thai and English.
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