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Re: Advice please

Postby Ians » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:23 pm

Actually there wouldn't be a problem to use the existing ground as the form work for the beams provided the steel reo' was correctly located.
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Re: Advice please

Postby Tanlic » Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:43 pm

We've been back in Bangkok since 28th of December.

The shop where we bought our roofing material from gave us a quote for fitting the roof for 55,000 Baht so assuming they were professionals I decided to risk it and allow them to install the roof in our absence.

The guys arrived and had a look round and asked for 85,000 baht Duh!!!

Being a nice chap I told them to ...2nd word is off.

Another guy turns up 55,000 Baht starts the roof has a minor problem and says "I not know how to do" and leaves.

Enter Mr Chana.......My brother can do for 40,000 Baht everything.

Along comes the brother I tell them do a good job I will pay you 55,000 Baht same as agreed with the shop.

We watch them get started they seem to know what they are doing so we leave for Bangkok.

My better halves Dad ( a good guy) bring along a friend to plaster the outside walls and cement render the toilets we have formed with isblocks.

Getting away from the roof for a second I went into town the day they started building the toilet walls.

I come back and there very little done. I had never used these blocks before and couldn't believe how little progress they had made.

As most of you will know these block have 3 holes in them they fill cement as they go along.

Couldn't believe my eyes.......Labourer hand the block to the brickie who pits his cement on the block puts in in place then scoops cement out of a bucket into each of these holes while the labourer
stands twiddling his thumbs.......I tell him to put 20 or 30 blocks into a square on the floor and pout a bucket of cement all over the top and trowel fill the lot in a matter of minutes.

Suddenly the walls start flying up and the Thai brickie tell me "never do like that before very good idea"..........Only in the Land of Smiles :roll:

Getting back to the roof the shop messed up with the ridge tiles selling me all the same angles and not nearly enough........80 tiles short for the roof which isn't unusual, a couple of rolls of insulation, 20 meters of facia..not got to the soffit and gables yet but no doubt they will have under sold me on that too.

We are now at the end week 4 taking new year into consideration and the 55,000 is gone and we'll have paid out 71k by Saturday...there's a surprise and at a guess we'll end up back at 85K again.

Overall with extra materials about 50k more than I was expecting but can't really complain. I'm just gald I have been able to be there for the initial build and I had evreyone on daily rates.

So far I have spent around 1.2 million which is well inside the budget allowed.

As soon as the roof and plaster is finished (only gables left to plaster) I am taking some time away as I can't be there.....while I was on the job it was great... the minute you are not you are tearing your hair out. Even had ago at my girl which is highly unusual for us.

Hopefully we can start again after Songkran.........I might sneak down and form the kitchen base myself if I have the time.

My plan is to make the base with aerated blocks and finish the front with large floor tiles with very few joints showing between the doors.

I saw some really classy top units and doors in Boontavorn at very reasonable prices...being a carpenter to trade I'd be mad to go to a kitchen company and pay 540,000 baht for a kitchen I was quoted and could build better myself.
the 60,000 baht per meter they are asking is a joke considering the carcass a cost about 1,500 to make yourself and they rot after a few years if any water gets near them.

The whole kitchen should cost me no more than 120,000 plus appliances.

I've uploaded a couple of pics.........won't be playing much football in the front garden but I hate gardening anyway and we did get the land for free.

Hope none of you guys building have pulled all of your hair out yet. I expect my hair pulling days are not over yet. :D


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Re: Advice please

Postby fredlk » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:49 pm

Tanlic wrote:Hope none of you guys building have pulled all of your hair out yet. I expect my hair pulling days are not over yet.

I was already mostly bald before I started building but I think that the hair I had left was black. Now it's grey.
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Re: Advice please

Postby MGV12 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:06 pm

fredlk wrote:
Tanlic wrote:Hope none of you guys building have pulled all of your hair out yet. I expect my hair pulling days are not over yet.

I was already mostly bald before I started building but I think that the hair I had left was black. Now it's grey.

You fret too much ... sounds like a fairly normal build to me. :wink:

Chok dee Tanlic

“Some days I am an optimistic pessimist ... other days I am a pessimistic optimist”
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Re: Advice please

Postby pipoz » Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:05 pm

Sounds like a normal day in Thailand construction to me as well. House is moving along fine

Which roof tiles did you settle on?

Quote: "In Thailand construction, just expect the worst and be happy if it turns out to be better"

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Re: Advice please

Postby Cockneyboy187 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:38 am

Q con do kitchen unit blocks here -

edit nice looking house
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