Multi pitch roof

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Multi pitch roof

Postby KelvinG » Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:14 am

Hi Folks
I am in the early design stages of my house. I plan to use a traditional Thai style roof which changes pitch as it runs towards the eaves. My early thoughts are to build a truss with the main section at 45 degrees changing to 33 and then 25 at the eave.
To achieve this, I will need a good fabricator which may be a challenge. But the main concern is the junction point where the pitch changes (12 degrees) and how to avoid water entry. I would like to use a Ayaya Tmberlook tile which as about 28kgs / m2. the alternative is a Neustile Modern

I would appreciate any comments from you experts who have direct construction or design experience with such design

thanks in advance

Kelvin G
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Re: Multi pitch roof

Postby Tanlic » Wed Nov 12, 2014 6:24 am

I am building in Sakon Nakhon pretty near to Udon Thani and ended up in a building suppliers in Ban Dung.

It took the manager there about 45 minutes to go over my plan/grid and design my roof the way I wanted it,free of charge

It turns out he's a qualified engineer of 20 years experience and has designed hundreds of roofs.

These people install roofs all the time and usually have someone who can design and advise you if no one on here can help
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